Ann comments that only Divine Love removes sin and error.

September 5th, 1915

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I will say a word also.

I am your own dear grandmother.

I came to tell you that I know now that the blood of Jesus does not save from sin. You will remember how, when on earth I believed this doctrine of error. How I used to talk about the precious blood of Jesus being able to save from all sin, and used to sing with all my heart and belief in the old hymn: “There is a fountain filled with blood” and so forth. Well I know now that that belief is all wrong, and that Jesus is so anxious to have men learn that it is a great error and stumbling block to the soul’s progression.

Of course I know that a vast majority of those now living will never believe that this saying of the Bible is erroneous until they come to the spirit world; but if they only could be taught to throw aside this belief and rely entirely on the Divine Love for their salvation while on earth, how much easier their progress would be when they come over. So you see, that while many say that a belief does not amount to much, yet I tell you that it causes more unhappiness and retards the progress of spirits to a greater extent than any other one thing.

I know that only the Divine Love of the Father saves from sin and makes mortals at-one with Him. So in your work for the Master, you will have to make great efforts to cause people to give up this belief in the blood, and turn to the truth of the New Birth. Many of the orthodox will oppose your efforts and refuse to believe what you may tell them to be the truth, but many will believe and seek this New Birth, and find the peace and happiness of a soul whose sins have been forgiven. I must not write more tonight.

I will come again soon and tell you more of the result of your work among the unfortunate spirits who seek your help.

So my dear son, I will say good night

Your loving grandmother,

Ann Rollins