Ann describes family members and their places in the Spheres.

July 6th, 1915

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Your Grandmother:

I come tonight to tell you that I am very happy to see that you are in such good condition and so free from your worries and cares. So you must try to keep your mind and thoughts free until you have no occasion for worry.

I want to tell you of my beautiful home in the Second Celestial Sphere, and what happiness we have in enjoying its beauties and grandeur. It is not possible for me to describe its appearance, only to say that its beauty is beyond any conception that you may have, or any ability I may have to describe it.

Everything that the heart may wish for is contained in it, and everything that you can conceive of as being necessary to make a home beautiful is there. I am in a great degree of happiness, and have so many bright and beautiful spirits for companions, and never get tired of listening to the grand and angelic music.

We, I mean your mother, wife and myself, are with one another very frequently, although our homes are different and not very close together. Of course, my home is in a higher plane in that sphere, than those of your mother or wife, but there is nothing to prevent our having constant intercourse and companionship.

He (grandfather) is in the fifth sphere still, although he is progressing, and is so very anxious to get with me, but he has not love and faith sufficient to be with me in my home. I know that you are anxious that we be together and that you pray for such a consummation of our desires; and your prayers will be answered before a great while for my faith is so strong that I know that my prayers will soon be answered by the Father.

Yes, I will go to the third Celestial sphere where many bright spirits are. Spirits who have the Love of God in their souls to an extent that fits them for such a life.

You are right, there are no purely intellectual spheres in the celestial heavens. All the spheres are soul spheres where the Love of the Father is possessed by all the spirit inhabitants to such an extent that intellectual development is merely a secondary condition. How I would like to write you a long letter tonight on spiritual matters, but I do not think that you are quite in condition to take such a message, and I will postpone it until a later time.

Your wife is here, and after a little she will write to you, and tell you of her happiness and peace in the Father’s love.

So I will not write more tonight, but will only repeat that I love you with all my heart and soul.

Your grandmother