Ann describes her home in the 7th Sphere

September 28th, 1914

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here; your grandmother:

You are too much troubled in spirit to enjoy my visit as you otherwise would, but I will try to help you to be more happy. I am in a state of contentment and have my home in the seventh heaven and have all the blessings that my Father promised me when I was on earth, but I had no conception of them then. My home is a wonderful mansion, built of the most beautiful material that you can imagine. There are flowers and beautiful pictures and lovely rooms filled with all kinds of furniture that you could possibly wish for. I am not the only one that lives in my home, there is also a beautiful spirit that was on earth, a great follower of Christ and lover of her fellow man. Our home is full of the finest kind of everything that makes a home lovely. We have many friends who visit us and whom we visit. We do the work of the Lord in helping the spirits in the lower spheres to see the truths of the Love of their Father. We are not singing all the time, but we have a great deal of beautiful music and laughter and love.


Your grandmother,

Ann Rollins