Ann expands the awareness on The Nature of God.

January 31st, 1915.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Your Grandmother:

You must not think that because the Master said that God is a personification of love, power, and wisdom, that there is no real God, but merely an abstract being representing these attributes. He is a real being, and these attributes are His, and not the combination of the attributes. He exists, and without Him, there would be no love, wisdom, or power. He is the creator of these principles, and not their creature.

As Jesus said: He is without form or substance, such as mortals and spirits have; yet He has a spiritual substance, and that is real, and not shadowy or non existent. Pantheism is different from what God is.

While His attributes are everywhere, yet He is of an identical substance of spirit. So do not let the idea possess you, that he is not a being, for he is, and even though we cannot see Him, or feel Him as a spirit, yet He exists as His one true self. So believe in a personal God in that sense.

I know that it is hard to comprehend the true conception of His being, but the higher we get in the scale of love, the more apparent becomes His real existence as a being. Do not let your inability to grasp the true meaning of this description of God and His nature, lead you to think that He is a mere essence. He is real, and to us who have received a large amount of His love and essence, He becomes as real as if we could see and feel Him with our spiritual eyes and hands.

I know the difficulties in the way of your finite mind to grasp the true conception of His being, but as love draws you closer to Him, the mind gives way to the perceptions of the soul, and God appears as a real existing being, the creator of all.

I want to tell you further, that God, (the God of the Master), while He works through His angels, yet He, Himself, comes into our souls by His direct communication. The Holy Spirit is His messenger that causes the souls of men to hear and receive this soul communication; yet God’s Love comes direct from Himself, and when man was created in the likeness of God, he was given a soul that was capable of receiving the soul essence of the Father. Neither in his physical nor spiritual form was man created in the image of his Father, because the Father has no such forms. But in the soul essence, the image was made alike.

Yet man is of such a great degree in God’s creation that he can refuse to receive this soul essence, if he so wills. His soul is capable of receiving it, but is not compelled to do so, and while man has the image, yet if he neglects to receive the substance, he will never become at-one with the Father. That image will never be more than an image only.

God is so good, that He implanted in man’s soul what may be called the natural love; and that love is sufficient to make him comparatively happy, and in the great day when sin and error shall be destroyed, man’s natural love will be able to cause this happiness.

But man will not be at-one with the Father in the larger sense, and will not take on the divine nature of His God. So you see the necessity of seeking this wonderful union with the Father.

I must now stop.

Your Grandmother (Celestial Spirit)