Ann gives reasons on why so many Spirits are attracted to James at this time.

August 6th, 1915

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, your grandmother:

Well my dear son, I have been waiting to come for some time, but as you have had so many spirits from various spheres and so different in personality write to you I thought it best to refrain from writing and let them send their communications. I have been much interested in these writings because mostly all of them have testified as to the fact that Jesus writes to you and wants you to do his work and also as to the truth of our statements concerning the Divine Love and the New Birth.

We have felt that this great variety of witnesses would help to convince you of the truths which we have written and in the future will help very much to convince those who may read our messages.

So you see our personal sacrifices have been repaid by the host of witnesses that have appeared and written. I am so glad that your faith is now so strong and it will grow stronger and you will realize that Jesus is your true friend and is interested in you in many ways. He seems to love you very much and is with you when you little suppose he is. Yes, all the messages that you get in his name are from him, no matter how personal they may appear to be, for as I said he is interested in you in a way that causes him to care for you in your material affairs. You must believe and you will be benefitted and made happier by such belief.

I am very happy and so are your mother and Helen. We are very close to one another and are with one another very much.

Helen is a thankful spirit and is with you so very often, loving and trying to comfort you. I will stop now.

Well he (Ingersoll) is thinking a great deal of what Mr. Riddle and I told him. He is a man or rather spirit with much capacity for loving and receiving love and as soon as he opens up his heart to the inflowing of the Divine Love he will receive it abundantly.

Of course his course of thinking while on earth will retard his progress and until he changes these ideas, he will not make much progress in his soul development. But I think that he is open minded and honest and will soon see that what we tell him as true is a truth.

We will try to help him in every way possible.

Yes, the contract in our appearances made an impression on him and has caused him to do much thinking. When Mr. Riddle told him the cause, he seemed to be astonished and listened to me when I told him of the higher things with great attention and interest.

Well my dear boy, I must say goodnight.

Your loving grandmother.