Another Assyrian has ascended to the Celestial Sphere in Divine Love.

November 4th, 1915

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Leekesi.

I was a man who lived in the time of the destruction of Ninevah and was an Assyrian official; but I am not mentioned in history, for my time was short, though in it occurred some of the most important acts of the whole history of that land.

I was not a believer in the God of the Hebrews, though in my time I had heard of that God, and many Jews lived in my domain; yet I would not let them worship that God or in any way teach my people the religion of the Jews.

Our gods were many and were worshipped by the inhabitants of the nation in accordance with what might be the desires of these people, and when the gods answered the prayers of the people they were thought to be good and true, but when the answers did not come, the gods were false, and new gods were made and worshipped according as they answered the people’s prayers or not. So you see that our gods were the creatures of men and not men the creatures of the gods.

But, notwithstanding this false idea, as I now see, of God, there were men of deep insight into the matters pertaining to the spiritual world, who did not make and worship the gods that I have spoken of, but who were able to look beyond these material things and discover that there was such a thing as a higher condition of the afterlife, in which the souls of man could find happiness and knowledge of the existence of a real and mighty power that would bring them into a state of existence where men would realize the higher life of the soul’s predominance.

These men were not numerous and did not associate with the inhabitants to any extent, but lived to themselves and evolved certain philosophies which satisfied them of truths which our common beliefs did not comprehend. These men also taught these truths, but not very generally, and only to those who might become their followers.

In my time we had what you would call churches and priests and officials of high position in the religious organization, and feasts and ceremonies and sacrifices, and these powerful ecclesiastics were very jealous and intolerant of anything which interfered with, or in any manner controlled, their religious teachings or the power which they exercised over the people, and the government of the kingdom as well. And consequently, these philosophers that I speak of were not permitted to disseminate their speculations or philosophies among the masses, and were compelled to write their doctrines or teachings in a language which the common people could not understand.

This was the condition of the religious part of my kingdom at the time of its destruction, and many of my people who survived this destruction and who were scattered into other countries took with them these beliefs in the multiplicity of gods, and worshipped as before their dispersion. In time these beliefs commenced to permeate the beliefs of the people among whom they lived, until the belief in many gods became the general belief of many other nations. You will find in history that many nations which became great after the fall of my kingdom, such as Greece and Rome and others, continued the belief in a multiplicity of gods.

But not until the spreading and adoption of Christianity by them did the belief in the one true God become the established and universal belief of these nations and of the people thereof.

Man made the gods and worshipped them, until the great Master came and proclaimed the truth of the one and only existing Father. Of course, an exception must be made in the statement in favor of the Jews, because they had only one God; but even they had different names for their God, which were applicable and used in accordance with the qualities that they ascribed to Him. It was only after Jesus came did that one God with many names of the Jews become our Father – the God of Love and Salvation.

From all of this you may suppose that I am a Christian. Well, I am, and I live in the Celestial Spheres; for I must tell you that I became converted to the truths of the teachings of Jesus many years ago, and my progression in the development of my soul has been such that I am now in the Celestial Spheres.

I merely wanted to write this to show you that man has been a maker of gods for so many years that they cannot be numbered; and that it was only when the great truths came with the coming of Jesus that the real existing God and all His attributes were revealed to mankind.

Yes, I know, many of the people who lived in my time, and long since, have never learned the truth of the soul development, and live in the happiness which has come to them with the progress of their intellects. But many of them have also been brought into the Light and Truth.

I will not write more, but will say,

Good night,