At the Séance.

April 3rd, 1918

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Ross Perry:

I was at the séance tonight and talked to you and Middleton; and besides me there were Carrington and another spirit whom I did not know, named Silsby, who had committed an act similar to my own. He was a very unhappy spirit, because he was in the same condition as when he first came to the spirit world, and has never had the benefit of the help that I received, and, consequently, knows nothing of the way in which he can find relief. But as I have met him, I shall endeavor to help him and give him the benefit of my experience, and I think that he will listen to me. I have already told him of some of my experiences in progressing, and as he is like a drowning man willing to catch at any straw, I think he will be willing to listen to me, and probably act on my advice.

Hutchins was also present, and he also is in a very bad condition and needs help very much, but I believe it will be more difficult to help him, because the sins of his earth life had a long continuous and accumulating acquirement. He is very dark and repulsive looking, and has not yet had any spiritual awakening. His thoughts and interests are still connected with the money that he left and the fight that is going on between his children and wife. He has attempted to discuss the matter with me just as he did on earth, but I tell him that he must forget these things and think of things that are more vital to his happiness and progress. But he says, he cannot, for as he loved the accumulation and possession of money while on earth, he still loves them and as on earth they took the place of God, so now, he has no other God. It is very pitiable and it seems as if it were not possible for him to get rid of his thoughts and desires with reference to these things, and it is hard to induce him to make the effort. When tonight, he said he was happy, he only meant that he had that supposed happiness which he imagined he had on earth by reason of his love for these material things.

I have observed frequently, that spirits who are in a condition of darkness, with all their old loves and imagined happiness which they had on earth say that they are happy; but it is not so, and they are merely without an awakening as to their true condition which will surely come to them, sooner or later, and then they will see themselves as spirits in the more advanced condition see themselves to be.

I want to say one other thing for the benefit of Middleton, and that is, that his father, whom I knew very well on earth, was with him, and was very anxious to talk to him, but he could not get the proper and sufficient rapport and strength to do so. Also, his wife was present, and desired so very much to make herself known to him, but for the same reason, as in the case of his father, she could not. But sometime she will be able to do so, if he will give her the opportunity, and he must do that, for it will make her very happy, and him also, if he will only believe that it is she who may appear to him and tell him of her being alive and with him so much, as she says she is.

Well, I have written enough and must stop. Soon, I desire to write you a long letter about my own condition, if you can find time to receive it.

With kind regards, I will say good night.

Your true friend,

R. Ross Perry