Breathe the prayer that Jesus delivered, to the Father.

December 3rd, 1916

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Cornelius:

I will write only a line or two, as I see from your condition of mind that you are anxious to study the prayer, that the Master wrote you last night. Well I am not surprised, for it is a wonderful prayer, and one, that when earnestly breathed to the Father, will bring into your soul this Great Love which is the only thing necessary to make you at one with Him.

As I heretofore told you, I am in possession of this Love, and know that it is real and causes the soul of the mortal and the spirit to partake of the essence of the Father, and in a manner become divine itself. I should like to write you a message tonight about some of the truths of the teachings of the apostles which are very pertinent to the subject upon which the preacher discoursed tonight. I was present, as were also many other spirits – orthodox Presbyterians – and those that have been freed from their creeds and erroneous beliefs of earth life.

You might be surprised, if I should tell you the great number of spirits who listened to the sermon with interest and in expectation of learning something that they could accept as truth. The preacher had a vastly larger audience of spirits than of mortals, and among a great many of the former, his teachings were received just as they were by the mortal hearers.

But I must not write more now.

So hoping that I will soon have the opportunity to write, I will say, good-night.

Your brother in Christ,