Caesar is now a grateful Spirit.

December 20th, 1916.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am Caesar:

Pardon me for coming so soon after my message of a few nights ago, but as I am a grateful spirit even if I was an awful sinner. I want to tell you that I took your advice and went with your grandmother, and had opened up to me a whole world of love and truth. Oh, what a wise and magnificent spirit she is and what love she has, and she treated me with such kindness and was even like Brutus of old. For in her kindness, she gave me a stab that killed all my old beliefs and feelings of greatness and made me in truth a mere nothing and at the same time the greatest being that I had even been in all my existence, for it showed me that I was a real child of God and the object of His Love and care, and one that had all the possibility of becoming in my soul even Godlike. She is my true friend and when she comes to me it seems that my soul, which had for so many centuries remained dead and cold, opens up with a flame of life that her influence brings to me.

I will not write more now. I thought that you were so interested in me that you would rejoice in knowing that now I have started on the way to the attaining of that which you told me of. I will come sometime when I have received more love and write you a long letter, which I hope will be interesting, for it is a fact that at one time Caesar did write interesting letters.

So, my friend, pray for me and send me your kind thoughts, and believe that they will not be misplaced as now I am so anxiously seeking for that which was not in me for so many centuries. Goodnight,

Your friend,

Julius Caesar