Caesar is now in the 3rd Sphere and comments on his progress.

May 1st, 1917.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Caesar.

Yes, I am the spirit of that Roman who thought himself of so much importance, and then realized that he was a very insignificant spirit in his place in the spirit world.

Well, I am glad to be able to write to you again, and especially so, as I can tell you that since I last wrote you I have progressed out of my hells and torment, and am now in the Third Sphere where there is so much love and happiness. Now this may seem a little surprising to you, but it need not, for you will remember that when I last wrote to you I informed you that I would then go with the beautiful spirit that came to me at your suggestion, and listen to his words of wisdom, as I now know them to be, and seriously consider what he might say to me. Well, I went with him and he was so loving and patient, and seemed to have such great knowledge of the truths of God that I not only listened to him once but many times, and made a great effort to follow his advice.

I commenced to pray to the Father for the inflowing of that great Divine Love of which the good spirit told me, and continued to pray until I felt its inflowing, and the effect on my soul was wonderful, for as the Love came to me I found that the darkness left me, and also my sufferings, and with this Love came knowledge of these truths of which I had been told – I mean a convincing faith that these things were true. When I commenced to have this experience I continued to pray the harder and all the longings of my soul and mind and of every part of me that could have a feeling or aspiration went from me, and I continued to pray without ceasing.

As you may know, when on earth I was a very positive and striving person, and these characteristics I did not lose when I became a spirit, notwithstanding that I remained so many centuries in a state of stagnation and helplessness; for during all this time I knew of no goal to which I could aspire, and of no peace that was better than the one in which I spent the long dreary years of my spirit life.

But as soon as I found that there was a future condition of light and happiness, I entered with all the energies of my soul to seek for that happiness, and as I was told that my progress depended so very largely upon my own efforts, I permitted nothing to interfere with my strivings for the obtaining of this Divine Love, and thanks to the loving Father, I at last found relief from my torments, and fullness of love that brought to me bliss and the companionship of beautiful and loving spirits. But I must not neglect to say that in all this effort on my part, I had the help and prayers of many loving spirits who seemed so anxious that I should get this Love and become in harmony with the Father and His will: and now I am no longer the resentful and wicked Caesar, but a very humble and grateful child; for I am still but a child in the knowledge of the great truths of which I have heard so much, and in the Love.

Even now it is all so wonderful to me that I can hardly comprehend just what it all means. But this I know, that whereas I was for many long centuries a suffering, unloving and unloved spirit, seeking only solitude and nursing my resentment, I am now a bright, loving and beloved spirit, seeking and never tiring of the association of these bright spirits, with whom I am now making my home. And besides these, higher and grander spirits come to me, and encourage me to strive and pray, and tell me of the wonders that are before me and which can be mine.

I am of the last, but these spirits tell me that I may become of the first, and I feel that there is no power in all the hells that can, and no power in all the heavens that will, prevent me from progressing and obtaining a home in the Celestial Heavens.

I desire also to say that I have come to you many times when the spirits were writing you the wonderful messages of truth, and I learned from them many truths that I have tried to make mine, and which have helped me so much and revealed to me some of the plans provided by the Father for the salvation of men and spirits.

You cannot conceive of the great number of spirits who are with you when these messages are being delivered, and how anxious many of them are to learn the truth and receive the help that these truths give of them Many have found the light and happiness through the knowledge this conveyed to them, and further, through the help that these beautiful loving spirits give them; for it seems that whenever these spirits that are in darkness indicate a desire to learn the truth these high spirits are always ready and anxious to teach and help and comfort the dark ones.

I cannot explain to you how all this has not only astonished me, but caused me to regret that I let so many wasted years go by, without having sought the help of these spirits, for many a time they would come to me with their proffers of help and advice, but I would shun them and turn from them, not believing that they could help me. What a great mistake and how I paid the penalty of neglecting this way to salvation.

And I wish further to say that as a fact, if I had not come to you, through curiosity more than anything else, I would not now be in the condition that I am; for it was only after you talked to me and told me of the way in which I could obtain relief, and brought me in rapport with these spirits and advised me to listen to them, did I think of the possibility of my being rescued or being able to find any relief from my then unhappy conditions; and so I must express to you my gratitude for your kindness and, as you then told me, love for me.

Well, I am a different Caesar now.

I will not write more, but as I told you before, I shall come sometime and write you a letter of some of my experiences on earth and in the spirit world during the earlier years of my life as a spirit.

So hoping that you will pray for me and give me your kind thoughts, I will say good night.

Your true friend,

Caesar (Julius)