Comments on a popular book of the day.

July 5th, 1918

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, St. John:

Let me say a word.

I have read with you in the book (Spiritual Teachings by Stainton Moses) and I find that many things in it are true, and many others show a want of the true mission of the Master. I do not know the spirit who is supposed to have dictated the messages, but from the nature of the same I would infer that he is a spirit of some of the higher spiritual spheres and that his information is limited by the development of his spirit, as he calls it. He apparently knows nothing of the true mission of Jesus, or of the Divine Love, or of the true resurrection, as was taught by the Master. It is well that you have read this book, for it will show you the differences between the messages which you are receiving and those that you read in the book. Some of the writers declarations are correct – such communications as his development of mind and soul fit him to receive.

But the great and important truth relating to God and man are not contained in the book and could not well be, for the guiding spirit evidently knew nothing of the transformation of the soul into the Divine by reason of the Divine Love.

I merely wanted to write this to show you that your work is necessary to be done, and that never has the truths that you are receiving been revealed to men before.


Your brother in Christ,