Comments on James’ pleasant day with Spiritualist friends.

December 20th, 1914.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

I am happy, and I am so glad that you feel so much better. You are now in a good condition of mind and I feel that you are commencing to believe in what we have told you. You will soon be free from your worries and then you will be in such a spiritual condition that you will be able to take the Master’s messages, for he is waiting for you to do so.

You must not let your mind get into the condition again that it was in during the past two weeks for it interferes very much with our communications, and also with your ability to work at your profession. You will be able to do what you want to for Nita, and then you will see that we can do much to assist you in material thing; as well as in spiritual ones. Be only faithful and believe in what we tell you and you will be all right. So do not let me see you again in a despondent condition or I will not love you so much.

You have had a very pleasant day in your association with those people who believe in spiritualism and I am glad that you spent the day with Judge Syrick and Col. Woods. He is a very great believer in spiritualism, but he does not know anything about the spiritual side of it. He thinks that the fact that his spirit friends communicate with him is all that there is to learn or be contented with. His friends were with you today and they are not of the higher spheres, but they are very good spirits and seem to be quite happy in their condition. He was telling you the truth when he said that Jesus came to him and talked at Mrs. Miller’s séances, for your grandmother told me that she knows for Jesus told her he would attempt to do so. I, of course, don’t know anything about it, but your grandmother says it is so; and you must believe her. She says that Jesus did not show himself or attempt to materialize at these séances, for he has never yet attempted to do this, as he is not inclined to come into the earth influences. He is not one who will do this, for he is too holy to take on the form of flesh again, as I have told you before. He is now doing his work solely by influencing men in the way of teaching them the truths of God, by means of his suggestions and messages through other spirits who are helping him so to do.

No, I don’t. He did not materialize sufficiently for that purpose, the photograph that he has was that of a spirit who impersonated the Master, for he will not permit himself to be photographed by anyone on earth, or even here. He is too pure in his spiritual nature to become an object of photography or even of clairvoyance, for he is a spirit that will not appear to man, except in the way that I have told you. So do not believe that he has ever appeared to any man either by way of the photograph or by clairvoyance. He will come to you in the way that he has told you and write his messages, but not in any other manner. I only know what your grandmother says about it and I am writing at her dictation. She says that Jesus has told her that he will not appear to mankind again only as a teacher through his writings or through that of his spirits. So do not believe any spirit who says that he has seen Jesus materializing for he has not.

That was his appearance in a dream only. He was there but not as a materialized spirit. You merely saw him in your dream, and he was not even in the spirit form with you; it was the result of your own conscience working on your mind. You felt that you had not done what you knew he approved, and your own conscience took you to task for it and made you dream as you did.

I do not attempt to reconcile these statements for they need no reconciliation. When we told you that he would not leave you again, we only meant that your conscience would not again accuse you of doing what is contrary to his teachings. You were not really seeing him, but only dreaming that you were. He was not present with you but was in your dreams only as your own mind pictured him to be. So do not let the fact that it was only a dream make you think that it had no significance, for it had, and it showed you that unless you commenced to give your thoughts to higher things and live a better life, you would not have his care and love for your welfare any longer. It was only a warning that you should change your course of thinking and living.

Yes, he told you but I have explained what was meant. We know, because we saw it in your thoughts and then we knew that you had dreamed it. So you see, we do not have to know of things actually happening in order to be able to speak about them. All we have to is to learn what your mind is thinking and we are then able to tell you just what you know and believe. Every man is the mirror of his own thoughts and we do not have to know of our own knowledge just what has taken place in that man’s life in order to tell him of all his actions and doings while on earth. We are able by our power of reading the brain of a man to know what he has done in his past life. His brain is a storehouse of all that he has done, even though he is not; able to recall these things. But they are there in memory’s halls and we can see and learn what is recorded. So you see the past is as apparent to us as the present. We do not always resort to this method of telling a man what is in store for him in the future, but when we need to know his past all we have to do is to look into his memory’s storehouse and we know. But dreams are not stored in memory always; some are mere fleeting shadows that leave no trace of their ever having passed through his brain, while others leave their records on his memory. So when you dream, if your dream has any significance or is worthy of being preserved, it is in memory’s home; but in order to know whether it is there or not we have to search the hidden recesses of his memory as well as the more open places. So you see every act that a man is guilty of and every dream that has a significance or is worthy of preservation is kept of record for future reference. Then how careful ought a man try to do what is right in God’s sight, and not do those things which will rise up before him when his spirit comes here and arises before him in judgment.

I am not going to tell you of what I saw at the meeting at Mr. Colburn’s tonight. I saw a large number of spirits that wanted to communicate with Miss Colburn, but who were not able to, and who were very much disappointed. Her mother was one of the most anxious, as she has some information that she very much desires that her husband should know; and you must tell Miss Colburn that she must sit for her mother to write. She is a very beautiful spirit and knows that Mr. Colburn will not live much longer and that he should do something in reference to his affairs before passing over. So tell her to let her mother write as soon as she can.

Other spirits there were only attracted by their desires to make known their presence and tell some of their experiences in spirit life.

Yes, his (Judge Syrick)’s mother was there and also his soulmate. They wanted to tell him of their love and how much they are interested in his giving more of his thought to them and to things spiritual; for he is not going to live very long, as he has a bad case of Bright’s disease and needs to be very careful with himself.

I don’t know anything about what some spirit may have told him, but I am informed by his mother that she knows that he is not going to live very long, even if his spirit friend did tell him that he was going to live until he was seventy years old. He must not believe that or he will suddenly find that his life is not for him to live as a man of seventy. He must not think that he is going to live to be that age, for he will suddenly find that his life is not one that is to be extended to that age. I mean that he will suddenly die and realize that his information was not correct. (Judge Syrick did die suddenly soon after this message was given.)

No do not, for it would do him harm.

He is not a very bad man, but he needs the soul development in order to become a good man as his mother and soulmate wants him to be.

She is here now and wants to send him a message. So tell him that his soulmate does not think that he is loving her as much as he should, and that he is only trying to let himself believe that he is not really her soulmate, and wants to marry the young girl at the University home. She is not for him, and he must not think of doing so, for he would be very unhappy if he should do so. If he must get married tell him to marry an older woman and he will find more happiness; or better still, not marry at all as he will only need his soulmate to love him and make him happy if he will only let her do so, He is not going to live very long and he will soon be with her to love and make him happy. So tell him to give most of his thoughts to her and he will be a very much happier man. She says that you must teach him the way to God’s love for you know how and he will listen to you, if you will only try and if you do he will bless you just as soon as he comes over, for he will have the benefit of that teaching and will not have to suffer the expiation of going through the earth plane. So she says please try to tell him of the only way that will lead him to happiness and to his soulmate who is so anxiously waiting for him. Be his friend in this particular and you will never regret it.

She is in the third sphere with me and is a very lovely spirit and is trying her best to influence him to become a more spiritual man, so that he may be able to come and live with her when he comes over. She loves him very dearly and will not let his love for her keep him away from the true place of joy and happiness.

I mean that she will not let his want of love for her keep him away from true joy and happiness. She sees that he is not thinking as much of her as he should, but when he comes over he will not fail to recognize that she is the only one in all the spirit world that is his own true soulmate. She says that he is now very dear to her and when she gets him with her she will be so happy that he will see that his happiness can only be found with her. So tell him to think more of her at his leisure moments. The young girl that he is thinking of does not care for him as a sweetheart and if she should marry him it would only be because he would be able to take care of her, and relieve her of the condition which she is now in on account of her father’s unsuccessful adventure in trying to run a school and form a new church, which he will never do, for his ideas of religion are all wrong. I mean the peculiar tenets that he is trying to introduce. Some of his ideas are all right, but most of them are not. He is a very well educated man, but is very visionary in his ideas as to what he thinks he sees in the spirit life. He never talks to Jesus as he preaches, nor does he ascend into the heavens, for no man does that now until he has given up his earth life. So he will not succeed for his foundation principles are not true.

I am not in condition to write much more tonight. You are my very own darling Ned, and I love you with all my heart and soul. You loved me when the music was playing my song that I used to sing to you so often. Oh, my darling, love me with all your heart as I do you.

So goodnight,

Your own true wife,