Comments on the significance of these messages of Divine Truth reaching mankind.

June 18th, 1919

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Spencer

And want to say just a word to your friend who is so much interested in the discovery of the truths of the spirit world and of the facts that exist in that world.

Well, I have been with you as you discussed these prospects, and also the writings of the men who have become converted to spiritualism, and saw that you are not satisfied with what the writings contained, and wished that these men might know the truth that they could declare it to the world.

Well, you must wait content until your messages are finished and in shape to publish before these truths can be made to the world. These men who are having the experiences of which they write are doing a good work in publishing accounts of the same in this: that they are preparing the minds of their readers to accept the truth of spiritualism whenever the same shall be published. They are breaking up the falloff ground and making it ready to receive the seeds of truth as they shall become scattered over the soil that was so lately barren and unfitted to receive and nurture these seeds. The work is one that will result in much good and will gradually lead man to accept as true and coming from the spirit world, what they would not otherwise receive.

I merely wanted to write this little message so that you and your friend may not think that the publications, such as you have read tonight, are worthless and without a function in causing men to believe in the lower truths of spiritualism. They are very valuable to mankind in general and to those philosophers and scientists who are more interested in the physical aspect of the study. They must be encouraged and you must not think that their appearing is merely a waste of time or effort. They are the ABC’s of spiritualism and must be learned before you can expect the higher or more spiritual truths to be received.

Well, I will not write more now. Goodnight.

Your friend,


I was a scientist when on earth and supposed agnostic, but I know better now.