Companions in Divine Love in the 3rd Sphere, delightful.

December 28th, 1914

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Prof. Salyards:

Your wife told you today that I would write tonight and I will try to do the best that I can.

I am now in the third sphere with your wife and father who are my very constant companions although I am not so highly developed in spirit love as is your wife who is one of the most beautiful spirits of my acquaintance.

I am trying to learn what is possible about the laws that govern the spirit life but as yet I know comparatively little of them. I am also trying to write poems of love of God and of man.

So you must not be surprised if some day I shall write to you some of my productions. I am also trying to get more of God’s Love in my heart, so that I may progress to the higher spheres and find the greatest happiness possible to obtain.

My present condition is one of great happiness, but I know that there is greater, higher up, and that as your grandmother and mother have found it, I will be able to find it also, if I follow the way that they have pursued.

You must not expect me to write very much tonight as you are not in condition to permit me to do so. I know that I do not write as you anticipate that I would but only because I want to wait until conditions are better.

Yes, I have found my soulmate, thanks to your wife, and I cannot tell you how happy I am. Your wife was certainly good to me and I will never cease to thank and love her for her interest in me. My soulmate is a very beautiful and spiritual woman who I never knew on earth even though she lived in a part of the Valley not very far from my home. Her name was Sarah Conway as she tells me and her father was a farmer near Mt. Crawford. She is now here and says that you are a very dear man to suggest that your wife find her.

She says that she had never been instructed that she had a soulmate and that until your wife told her she did not know that I was the one that God intended for her. I do not understand why this is, but it seems to be so.

I have heard that there is a law of attraction as you say but just how that law operates I am not able to say. Your wife seems to have a knowledge of this law which I do not have and have never yet tried to learn. She is a wonderful spirit in her investigations of certain laws pertaining to the laws of spirits for one another. How she obtained this knowledge I am not yet informed and cannot explain just how she discovered who my soulmate is. I know though that I have found her and that she is mine forever. How, I don’t know, but she did locate her and I have her now with me. She says that your wife told your mother who my soulmate is and your mother who is in the same sphere told her and she came down to my home and found me and then knew that I was intended for her.

She is in the fifth sphere where your mother lives. Yes, I see that it is and I will include it in my catalogue of studies. You are right when you say that I must study this matter for the happiness of so many spirits depends upon knowing their soulmates that it is well worth studying so that I may help them in finding who is the one that God has selected for any inquiring spirit.

Question and Answer.

She has not yet, but she will as I will ask her and she is so good that I know that she will tell me. She is a very diligent student of many of the things pertaining to the love of the spirits for the humans and she had made wonderful progress in her studies of the various means of communication between them. But she is so beautiful and so filled with God’s Love that I scarcely know what to tell you of her current condition on any of these subjects. She is a wonderful spirit in her accomplishments in almost any line of investigation.

Yes, I know that it may seem impossible to you, but she is a spirit of such energy and determination that nothing seems to prevent her progressing in these things. She is also a wonderful lover of her soulmate and he should consider himself highly blest by having the great love which she has for him. You need not think that all soulmates have this wonderful Love for they do not. Love here seems to be something like love on earth. In some it is developed to a greater degree than in others. I am one who is very deep in my feeling of love and so my soulmate seems to be.

I do not know, but it is quite possible, for if she has undertaken to find her, she will, if there is any way in which it can be done.

I will soon do so if you get in condition. He is with me in this sphere. He is a very bright and loving spirit and I am so glad that he is here with me. He died so young, that his ideas of spirit matter were not very firmly fixed and when he came over it was not difficult for him to learn the truth. Yes, mother helped him very much as she was so kind to him in his early life here. She is my dearest spirit friend and is so good and fine that I am always much helped by being in her company.

Yes, he is in the earth sphere and is not very happy. He was a good churchman, but was not very spiritual. I have tried to help him on several occasions, but he seems to think that the only life for him to lead is one that he lead while on earth. I mean that he seems to be satisfied with the condition that he is now in. His father has progressed to a higher sphere recently but he is not yet very much filled with God’s Love and does not seem to be able to help Ambrose very much as I believe that Ambrose would not be so contented with his present home.

You are very tired and I must stop.

Your old professor and friend, Joseph Salyards