Confirms that the book he wrote does not contain the teachings of the soul’s New-Birth.

September 14th, 1918

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Stainton Moses:

Let me say a word.

I have been present as you read the book called “Spirit Teachings” and saw that while many of the statements therein contained are in accord with the knowledge that you have of spirit matters, yet, that there is wanting the one great truth of the New Birth as it has been explained to you by the Master and other high spirits. Well, you must not, on account of the fact that this truth is not alleged and explained by the spirits who wrote the messages that you have been reading, assume that these spirits were not of a higher order, or that they are wanting in the knowledge of many truths that the book portrays as to the relationship of spirit to man and man to God, and his future destiny. No, these spirits were real and genuine and taught truths as they understood them. They were limited in their knowledge by the amount of the progress which they had made in things spiritual, and in attempting to teach they were honest and declared only those things that they believed to be true. Many of the truths that they declared are of vast importance and necessary for men to know in order to their own salvation. They show the way to the condition of the perfect man, and the struggles, and sufferings, and sacrifices that spirits will have to make in order to arrive at this condition, are not overdrawn, but on the contrary are merely the outlines of what will be necessary for men and spirits to undergo in order to become the perfect man or spirit.

These spirits have since the time of the writings learned of this formation of the soul into an Essence Divine by reason of the possession of the Divine Love, and, hence, could not use their medium in making known this great means of perfect salvation, to mankind.

These spirits have since the time of the writings learned of this truth and are now progressing towards the celestial spheres, which can be obtained only by the means of the Divine Love. You will notice in the teachings many expressions that are erroneous, and solely because the writers did not know to the contrary; but this fact must not cause you to believe that many other things which they teach are not true, for outside of and independent of this truth of the divine love and what it means to men and spirits, the teachings are true and should be believed.

I write this that you may not doubt the genuineness of the writings, or think that the same were not made by the spirits who professed to write. These spirits had a mission to perform and were earnestly endeavoring to acquaint the medium, and, through him, the world with the truths and the necessity of meditating upon the same, and ceasing to be satisfied with the oldtime beliefs, which were so erroneous and misleading and harmful, as the spirits declared.

I have an enlarged knowledge of the things that pertain to the spirit world, and to the true plan of salvation as established by the Father, and have experienced the possession of the Divine Love and its operations and effect upon the souls of men, and how sufficient it is to relieve men from the sufferings and penalties of their sins that they would have to endure or undergo, were this love not open and free for them to obtain. I have that love to a degree that has made me an angel of the celestial spheres, and a possessor of that immortality that was unknown to men when I lived on earth, and also unknown to the spirits who communicated the writings which you have been reading. They taught a part only of the truth of salvation and regeneration, and that the lesser part in importance, but the one which the large majority of men will know of and obtain, only.

I thought that I would write this to you, for I saw that you were very much interested in the “Teachings”, and had in mind the question as to whether these spirits who wrote were acquainted with the great truth. And I am very happy that I am permitted to write, for I do not want those who have read and believe these writings to rest upon the assurance that the same contain all of truth, and that there is no other way to heaven and happiness, except that set forth in these writings. It is so important that all of truth should become known to men, and the opportunity given to them to seek and find the great way to immortality and bliss.

I will not write more now, but sometime in the future I should like to come and write further with reference to these matters. I thank you for your kindness in receiving this imperfect communication and will only say further, that the divine love and the new birth and the celestial heavens where the Master is forming his kingdom, are truths, vital and unchangeable, and the desideratum of the happiness of mankind.

I will say goodnight, and while a stranger to you, yet, can subscribe myself.

Your brother in Christ,

Stainton Moses

the medium.