Confirms that the Kingdom of Jesus is supreme in Love.

January 15th, 1915

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Your Grandmother:

The Kingdom of Jesus will be one where only those who believe in his teachings of truth and have received the Holy Ghost in their souls, will live. At sometime, known only to God, the entrance to this Kingdom will be closed, and all who have not qualified themselves, or rather who have not striven to heed and obey these truths, and have not received this love, will not be permitted to enter this Kingdom. Those who remain outside will have the love and care of God necessary to make them comparatively happy, but will not have that supreme Love, which they can all now get if they will seek and believe.

That all spirits shall enjoy this supreme Love is not necessary to the harmony of God’s universe. Why should he continue to hold open the entrance to this Kingdom of supreme Love when men will not try to obtain it? Well as to those who are born after the kingdom is shut forever, he will not let enter because they are not included in his plan of salvation to this supreme and Celestial Heaven. They will have this other happiness that I speak of, but not that which those in Jesus Kingdom will enjoy.

No it is not, He did not intend that his Kingdom of which we speak should remain open through all eternity for spirits to enter and live in. They who come after have no claim on God for such supreme opportunities, and he is not doing an injustice by keeping them from entering it. He has prepared a place or places where they will be able to find comparative happiness, and will only be a little lower than the angels of God, who are and will be the redeemed through the teachings of Jesus and who become part of his Kingdom.

I know that your friend and medium Mr. Colburn may think that this is not just right or just, but where there is no right to demand the Grace of God, and when he bestows that Grace in such a way as to make all his children comparatively happy, where is the injustice in giving to a certain few who seek the true way; and find it, the supreme condition of happiness which His Love to the fullest gives.

He is not a God of justice according to human understanding, but according to His own ideas of what man is justly entitled to. He will not turn away one soul who may seek this Love in the fullest, but will enter into the heart of everyone who asks Him to – and when men fail to ask why should He through all eternity keep open the gate to His place of supreme happiness – or in other words, His Divine Sphere, set apart for those who follow Jesus and his truths? I know that some people might say that God, had no right to provide this special kingdom for any of his children, and in doing so he showed partiality; but he has the right to show this partiality, when the very reason for its existence is the failure of some of his children to partake and accept what he freely offers to all.

Well as to that, I am not so qualified to answer; but it seems to me that they who come after the gates to the kingdom are closed have no right to expect that they are entitled to enter, for they are not born to have this privilege, and the only privilege that He can offer them Is that of His spirit world, where they will be free from sin and unhappiness. They will all be His children, but not all His Divine Children. Those who have entered this kingdom of which I speak will take on the Divine Nature of the Father, while those who do not will remain His spiritual children, with the right to a life through all eternity, but not to all the attributes which the Divine Nature confers.

This is a subject which Jesus will instruct you in, when he comes to write his messages and you had better wait until then, for you will be better able to understand after you hear his explanation.

No, after the gates, are closed the Holy Ghost or Spirit will return to God and dwell in the Kingdom. Men’s souls will then receive God’s Love through the messengers which He will use for that purpose. But the Divine Part of His Love will not be conveyed, only the love which God as a spirit has for His children as spirits. I suppose that this is hard for you to understand, but as I say, wait until Jesus writes and you will know all.

No, man is not divine, in the sense that God is Divine. For he is created in the image, and that is the soul only, that makes him like His Father, but not that divinity which divides or differentiates the God essence from the spirit essences. Only God is Divine in this sense, and only those born of man can ever obtain that Divine Essence, who become members of the kingdom that I speak of.

“Divine” is a word used in a very comprehensive sense, and includes in the minds or thought’s of many persons, everything that seems to be above the mortal existence or powers of man; but it is not a true conception of the meaning of the word. Only that is divine which is of the true Essence of God in His Nature which man does not have or which is not a part of Him. In this sense no man is divine, neither has he any of this divinity in him – only God is Divine, and man cannot possibly get this divine essence except in the way that Jesus has taught. Only the Holy Ghost conveys to the soul of man this divine essence of God: and when the mission of this messenger ceases man will no longer receive this Divine Essence.

So tell Mr. Colburn that he must not believe that through all eternity man will have the privilege of getting this Divine Essence of the Father. Tell him to seek it now while it may be obtained and when he has it neither all the powers nor forces of earth or spirit world can take it from him.

I am very much interested in him, for he is a man of deep thought and is seeking the truth in all earnestness, and I hope that he will let his thoughts turn in the direction that will bring to his mind and consciousness the real and true things of His Father. He is not very dogmatic or difficult to grasp the truth if it presents itself in a reasonable way. He must not let his preconceived ideas, even if they are based on what the Bible may seem to teach him, keep him from embracing the true ideas of man’s relationship to God and man’s destiny. So give him my love and tell him to seek and he will find, even though he may at times be shocked at some propositions that may be placed before him, for I intend to tell him of what I know about these matters, whenever I have the opportunity. I have written much longer than I intended I must stop. So good night my dear grandson.

Your loving grandmother,

Ann Rollins