Confirms the recent Spirits writing to James were real.

Devember 17th, 1916.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

Well, sweetheart, you are tired, and must not write more now.

I will say though, that the spirits who wrote you tonight actually are the persons they represented themselves to be. I was with you at the various meetings and these spirits were there and became in rapport with you.

The Indian was in truth an Indian, and was in the condition that he declared himself to be. He was a very bright spirit and lives in the highest spiritual heaven. He went with your grandmother.

Mrs. Eddy was very anxious to write, and I am sorry that she could not finish, for the burden on her mind is great, and she wants so much to write the truth. I will have her come soon. She is in the Seventh Sphere and has much of the soul love, yet she sees the possible injurious results of her teaching, and her work is before her; and she says that the only way in which she can remedy the wrong is through the channel that she so bitterly denounced, and that she sees the difficulties are so much greater than it would be but for this grave mistake.

Pastor Russell is also very anxious to write and he will soon come. I feel real sorry for him. His shock was so very great.

Well, so it is, I must give my time to telling you of other spirits. But that is my work and yours and we must not complain – they are all the Father’s children.

So my dear, take courage and believe, and all will be well.

Yes, Jesus was with you at the morning service and may write to you about the same, but I am not certain. His love was with you though, and he seems to want to be with you, whenever he is not elsewhere.

He loves you and is caring for you.

Your own true and loving,