Efficacy of faith in God.

September 26th, 1915

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, John.

I only want to say that the faith that the preacher spoke of tonight as being possessed by Elijah is the faith that you must try to obtain, and then you will realize that you will be superior to all the worries and troubles that may come to you. This is the kind of faith that overcomes every obstacle and makes you a true child of the Father and one whom He will never forsake or let go unprovided for.

I was with you at the services and I tell you that the minister made a forcible application of the truths taught by that instance in Elijah’s life as related in the Old Testament.

If men would only learn the efficacy of that kind of faith in God, they would become so much happier and possessed of that great peace of which the Master spoke. I am telling you this not as a speculation or a theory, but as the result of knowledge and actual experience. The same faith that existed in Elijah was the same faith that existed in the martyred disciples of Jesus, and the same faith that you and all other men may now have. God never changes, although men’s conceptions of Him do, yet no matter what these conceptions may be, the same God rules and lives, and, as the preacher said, is present with you; and faith in Him is always accompanied by a power that never fails in working out His truths.

I, John, tell you this, because I want you to obtain that faith as you will need it in the great work which you have before you, and which can only be done by one whose soul is developed by such faith.

I was present tonight at church, because I had been with you a large portion of the day, trying to influence and encourage you with my love and influence.

Very soon you will again commence to receive the messages of the Master and continue to do so until they are completed. And what messages of truth they will be. As the minister said tonight there will be troublers, but their mission will be similar to that of Elijah – that is, will show to mortals the true God, and that genuine faith and steadfastness of purpose will bring to mankind the salvation of the Lord. I will not write more tonight, but will say before I stop, try to get this faith, and you may get it even as Elijah had it, by earnest persistent prayer, accompanied by belief. The Lord gives faith to him who seeks for it in earnestness and longing desire.

I will say further, that you are progressing very much in your soul development, and if you will only trust in the Master’s promises, very soon the worries that you have will pass away, and you will be free to do the: work without being distracted by anything that militates against the exercise of the soul perceptions, which are so necessary in your work.

So my dear brother, I will say good night and God bless you,

Your brother in Christ,