Elaborates on the Teaching on what the Divine Love is.

March 9th, 1915

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am Jesus.

You are in condition to resume my message tonight.

I am in a condition of love that enables me to know that my Father’s Love is the only Love that can redeem mankind and make it at-one with Him. So you must understand that this Divine Love is a Love that has no counterpart in all the universe, and must be received by man in all its fullness, in order for him to attain to the Celestial Spheres, where the Father’s fountainhead of Love exists. So I say, that no man can become a part of God’s Divinity until he receives this Divine Love and realizes that he and his Father are one in Love and purity.

I will now tell you what this Divine Love means to everyone who has received it. He is in a condition of perfect peace, and his happiness is beyond all comparison, and he is not willing that anything or power shall lead him to those things that are not in accord with the Divine Love and God’s laws of harmony. He is not only happy, but is away beyond the lower spirits in intellectual development and knowledge of the spiritual things of the Father. I know that no man is able to obtain the great soul perceptions until he has the soul development, and is fitted to live in the Celestial Spheres, where only love and harmony exist.

So, do not think if a man merely becomes wonderful in his knowledge in an intellectual sense, he is fitted to live in these higher spheres, for he is not; only the great development of the soul, by obtaining into his soul the Divine Love, will enable him to live there.

John never said that by me were all things created that were created, and that I, as God, came to earth and became an indweller in the flesh. That is a mistake and an interpolation, for I never was God, neither did I ever create any part of the universe. I was only a spirit of God, sent by Him to work out man’s salvation, and show him the only way to the Heavenly Home that God has in keeping for those who receive the New Birth.

Well, I live in all spheres, but my home is in a sphere that is very close to the fountainhead of God’s Love. It has no name or number. With me in the Celestial Spheres are all those who have received this Divine Love to such an extent that they have become entirely purified and at one with the Father. Many are progressing towards that home and will, sooner or later, get there.

Those who fully received this Divine Love through faith and prayer are in the Celestial Spheres, but those who have not yet obtained this Love to the degree mentioned, are not. Yes, Paul is, and so are Peter and John and James and several others.

I meant that I would go to the Celestial Spheres where I now am and prepare these mansions, which I have now done. And it rests with spirits and mortals only to become inhabitants thereof.

Some are, and some are not; the mere fact that these ancient prophets and seers were the mere instruments of God in declaring His purposes and laws, does not mean that they necessarily received this Great Love, so that they are now inhabitants of the Celestial Spheres. Moses and Elias are in the Celestial Spheres and so is John the Baptist; but many great teachers of spiritual things or of future existence are not, because they have not obtained the New Birth.

Well, it will depend on whether you live and believe in such a way as to get this Great Love; if you do, you will not have to wait long years to be with me in the Celestial Spheres. You are now in the right way, and if you will only persevere and let your faith increase and get the Divine Love in sufficient abundance in your soul, you will be. And this remember, that I am your special friend and helper, and will be with you when you are in doubt or trouble, and will keep you from relapsing into a state of unbelief or of carelessness.

If, as you say, he will seek that Divine Love, and pray to the Father in faith, and believe that the Father will bestow it upon him, he will receive it; and when he receives it in sufficient abundance all sin that he may have committed will be blotted out. No further will he have to pay the penalties of his deeds of sin and error. This is what I came principally to teach mankind. When I said, as you sow so shall you reap, I meant this to be the law of God as applied to the natural man as well as to everything else in nature; but that law is subject to be set aside so far as its operations on the souls of men are concerned, by the soul of man receiving in sufficient abundance, the Divine Love. And when the Great Love of the Father is sought and received by the soul of man in sufficient abundance, the law of compensation is made non-effective and the law of Love becomes supreme, and man is relieved from the penalties of his sins.

Yes, I know how men reason about this matter, and that is the great stumbling block that prevents them from receiving this Divine Love, and believing that it is efficacious in saving them from paying the penalties of their sins. Well, you now see what I am trying to do, and I am so well satisfied that you will make a success of your work, that I feel more than ever certain that my messages will be understood and given to the world. So keep up your courage, and in a short time all will be in such condition that there will be nothing to interfere with your doing the work as you desire.

Yes, most assuredly, and when you get into the work with all your earnestness and faith, you will see that you will be able to receive the messages just as I intend that you shall receive them.

Let us stop now,

Your own true brother in spirit,