Encourages James to be more faithful so he can convey first teaching message of Divine Love.

December 17th, 1914.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I have come to write to you my first message and you are too weak to take it, but I will come again when you are stronger. You are not in a condition for me to tell you of what I have to write because you are too much worried by what you think of your earthly affairs. So I want you to let these things pass from you entirely as I cannot give you the thoughts that I desire you to write, until you are wholly free from your earth cares.Be more faithful and you will be more in condition to do as I desire. I will not come again until you are free from these worries, for you are not in a condition to receive what I wish to write while these worries exist.

Question asked by Mr. Padgett, unknown

Yes I know, but you have not succeeded as I can see the condition of your mind and know that you are too much worried by the things that you have been thinking about during the day. You must trust more in the Father.

Other questions and answers.

Yes, I do. So let that question rest.

Yes, I am that Jesus, and the men you have been reading about were my disciples and they are now enjoying the reward which their work and faith entitled them to. They are not in the heavens singing psalms or riding on clouds, as some of the aliened Christians of the present and past times believe and teach, but are still working for the salvation of human and spirit souls. They are with me still and are doing the same kind of work as when they were on earth.

They did not actually mean that, but spoke only in allegory, and meant that I was in the heavens where they all supposed God to be; but as to my sitting on the right hand of His Throne, that is not true. I am in a sphere that is of the highest and closest to the fountainhead of God’s love, But I am also working to save mankind from their sins, and bring them in unison with God’s Love, which is all around men and angels, but not necessarily in or form a part of them. Only when a soul is filled with this love, can it be said to be in the Kingdom of God. So do not think that because God’s Love is all through and around the world that every man is a partaker of it. I tell you that only the man who has received this love into his soul and lets it fill that soul so that there is no room for anything that tends to defile it, can be said to have received salvation or to be at-one with the Father.

You are trying to learn the truth in this regard and are progressing to a degree that you will realize what the New Birth means, and without this New Birth no man can come into the full enjoyment of the Fathers Love or he supremely happy. Men may when they come into the spirit world think that they are happy by reason of a great moral excellence or because of wonderful mental acquirements, but their happiness is not the kind that the love of God, filling a man’s soul, will bring.

So let your faith in the one necessary attainment increase, and when you have realized it to the full, you will be very happy and in God’s Kingdom. I must stop writing now, for you are not in condition to write more.

Question and Answer

No, I will soon come again, for you will be in condition to receive me. Yes, I will love you with all my heart and let you feel that I am in closer rapport with you and lead you to a greater happiness from now until you can find the more extensive and greater love of the Holy Spirit. It is with you to a large extent now, but not so full as you need.

You are very dear to me and I will never forsake you, so rest in that assurance and I know that you will be happier, for no man has ever yet been in condition of unhappiness who has my love as you now have it. Be only my own true follower and I will be with you to the end.

Your own dear teacher and friend,

Jesus of Nazareth

who was crucified but rose again from the dead,

as you will rise and live again in the Favor and Love of the Father.