Eugene’s mother welcomes Morgan’s friend Jenny, when she arrives in Spirit.

November 11th, 1915.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mother of Eugene Morgan

I am his mother, and must say one word before you stop writing. I have been with him today and saw his condition of mind in reference to his friend who has just come into the spirit world and want to assure him that she is now in a much better condition than he may think.

I have been with her (Jenny Lawson) ever since she came over and in fact I was waiting at the portals of this spirit world when she ceased to be a mortal and took her in my arms and comforted her and told her that there was nothing to fear and that she was with friends who loved her and would help her.

She did not seem to be much confused because when we whom she knew to be dead as she thought came to her in our familiar forms and with our voices so natural that she could recognize us she thought of what my boy had told her of – spirit life – and the result was that she believed that we were whom we said we were and as a consequence she seemed to lose all fear or dread and to come into a condition of security just as if she were visiting me while on earth.

But she is not very spiritual in ideas of the real truth of things of the soul for I see that her beliefs of earth are with her and that the poverty of her soul development causes her to experience darkness and soon she will have some sufferings but she will not remain in darkness very long for her mind will soon open to our thoughts of truth and her soul to the influence of our love. And I want to tell my son this, that he may remember it and apply the principle in his contact with others of earth, that the one little seed of truth which he caused to find a lodgment in her soul helped her more than I can tell him in her realizing the exact condition of her being when she came to us.

We are all very happy and thankful that love is doing its work in the soul of my boy. His father is with him quite often and he says that some days ago he heard you suggest to him that he should have a spirit band to help and protect him and his father will form that band and soon tell him who is with him. I have written long and taken your time and I thank you for your kindness and will show my appreciation by trying to help you as well as my son.

So believe that I am your friend and that I love you with a love that is that of a sister. Give my love to my boy and tell him to think of his mother and believe that she is with him trying to help him with her love and influence.

So again thanking you I will say goodnight.

Mother of Eugene Morgan