Eugene’s sister writes and is very happy.

November 4th, 1916

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, your own dear, loving sister (of Eugene):

I have never written before. I want to say a word and tell him how happy I am, and largely because I realize that he has received the Great Love of the Father in his soul. Oh, I cannot express my feelings, as I am now writing for the first time, but he must try to understand what I would desire to say if I had the ability to express myself.

We are all very happy, and especially mother, and as she listened to John writing his message she became so overcome with her emotions that she could scarcely breathe, as you would say. She was so happy, and praised the Father with all her soul’s thankfulness, and cried in joy big tears of happiness and love. And so were we all so very happy.

We are all progressing very rapidly, and our cousin who has so recently come to us, and whom Eugene is so much interested in and has helped so much, is progressing also, and is in the Third Sphere – a marvelous evidence of progress in so short a time. But she is so earnest in her seeking, and as I sometimes tell her in joke, for fear that her Catholic friends will take her back to count her beads and worship the saints, and believe what the priests tell her, that she seems to never tire of praying and reaching out in her soul’s longings for the great things that are ahead for her to obtain, as some of the higher spirits have told her.

It is wonderful, and if my dear brother could only see how much he has helped her, he would never, for one moment, doubt the reality of this Love, which he spoke to her so often about, even though it apparently, at the time, made no impression.

We all send him our love and want him to know that we are with him, trying to help him in every way, spiritually and materially, and when I say this I speak for the whole family.

As this is my first attempt at writing, I am a little tired and must stop; but as I have made a first effort, I should like to come sometime and write him a longer letter.

So, thanking you, I will say good night.

(I am the sister that he used to think was so loving to him, and careful of his wants.)

Eugene Morgan’s sister