Forrest is out of darkness and in the light of Love.

February 27th, 1917

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, your old friend, Edwin Forrest:

Let me say just a word. I merely want to say that I am progressing, and am out of my darkness and in the light of love, for I have been praying since you last heard from me, and have had the prayers of many of the bright spirits ascending to the Father for me.

Well Ned, I never thought that all this happiness could possibly come to me, for, as you know, when I came to the spirit world I was sinful and all ignorant of the great Love, and found myself in darkness and suffering, and why God should have been so good to me, I cannot understand. But this I do know, that if it had not been for your spirit friends and especially your wife, I would have remained a long time in my darkness and soul slumber. But, thanks to you, I had the benefit of their love and kindness and prayers, so that I am now on the way to the higher spheres that she tells me of.

I sometimes come to you at the office and see just what your condition is, and think that I am somewhat responsible for the same, and know that I am, and I cannot tell you how I regret what took place, and try to help you with all my powers. And I want to say to you to keep up your courage for you have many powerful spirits working for you, and I know that they will soon cause a change in the condition of your affairs.

I also know that you are rich in this Love for these spirits all tell me that you have received it to a large degree, and are doing a great work among spirits, and this I know, and are also preparing the way for bringing to humanity the truths that will give to men a knowledge of the Love and plans of the Father for their redemption. It may seem a little strange to you that I should write in this way, and I hardly know myself when I realize what I was such a short time ago, and what I am now.

Very soon now, I shall go to my mother and try to help her, as I have told you, I intend to do, and I pray that I may succeed. It is all so wonderful to me that sometimes I think that I must be dreaming, but of course I awaken to the fact that my experience is true, and that this Love is a real thing, and that all my spirit friends are real.

Yes, I see Lipscomb sometimes, but I cannot tell you that he is any better. He seems satisfied with his condition, and it is hard to talk to him for he has not lost the characteristics that he had on earth. He still thinks that he knows it all, and that the life he is leading is more desirable than the one that I try to tell him of.

Miller is still in darkness, though he listens to us at times, and makes the effort to realize the truth of what we say to him, but he seems to be unable to comprehend the truths that we try to tell him. We are working with him and will do so, so long as he will let us try to help him.

Well, your wife says that you are tired, and I will stop.

So goodnight.

Your old friend,