Give my love to your friend

September 14th, 1914.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, your grandmother:

I am exceedingly happy and am glad that you are seeing the truth as it is in Christ. He is the truest son of God as I have found in my life here. He is not a saviour of the merely churchman, but of them who have received the New Birth of the Spirit – do not let the thought that you must be a member of any church keep you from seeking his help and love for he is the saviour of the individual and not of the aggregate of people who happen to belong to a church.

He was with you on Saturday night and he talked to you. I am well acquainted with him and often see and converse with him, so I know that he was the true Christ of the Scriptures. He was only trying to let you feel that he is interested in your spiritual welfare, and you must believe that he was with you.

I know the spirit that Mr. Colburn referred to and he is not a good spirit. He is a spirit that has an inordinate amount of vanity and often impersonates Jesus and other spirits of high station. He is not to be believed when he makes the assertion that he is the Christ. Let him alone and he will not trouble you or your friend in the way of impersonating the true Christ.

Give my love to your friend and tell him that I am very much interested in his spiritual welfare and will try to help him and lead him to the realization of the truth as I know it in the spirit world. He is only a little way from the Kingdom and he will soon see the truth in all its beauty and purity. Tell him to have faith in his God and pray to Him for light and he will get it more abundantly. He is a very good and loving man in his spiritual life and he will soon feel that God is his true and loving saviour.

Good-night and may the love of God rest with you and keep you from all sin and unhappiness forever.

Your grandmother,

Ann Rollins