Happily progressing in Divine Love.

October 8th, 1915

Received: by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Saleeba.

I want to say only a few words that you may know how happy I am, and how much my soul is filled with this Divine Love of which you first told me. Oh, my friend, it is difficult to keep from shouting the fact that I am a redeemed child of the Father, and one who knows that His Love is mine, and that I shall live through all eternity, enjoying the happiness which His Love and mercy have given me.

I intended to keep my promise and tell you of my life on earth many thousand years ago, and so I will sometime, but now I am so happy in this great possession that I cannot think of those earthly things in such a way as to relate to you my experience as a mortal. Wait a little while and I will try to describe to you all the things of my earth life that may be of interest to you.

I will go very soon now to my people and tell them what I have found and urge them to seek for it, and I trust that they will follow my advice. There are many of them that are good and pure spirits, with a natural love in such a state that they are very happy and contented, and yet, when I realize the great difference in the happiness that is theirs, and that which may be theirs, I cannot refrain from going to them and telling them of it.

I know that you are glad that I am happy, and are interested in my progress, and hence, I love to come and let you know what my condition is.

I will not write more tonight. So believe that I love you as a sister, and pray for you and ask the Father to make you happy and fill your soul with His Love, and bless you.


Your sister,