Helen advises James that a pamphlet he is reading about the Sabbath is in error.

November 19th, 1915.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

I signaled you, and wanted merely to say that I have been reading with you the pamphlet, and want to tell you that it is not true. It is all wrong and misleading and will never save a soul from sin. The writer is so filled with the idea that God commanded the observance of the seventh day as the Sabbath, that he, the writer, can see nothing in all the Bible that is of such great importance as the keeping of the Sabbath.

The Sabbath, as a religious institution is not of more importance than any other day, and the man who believes that by observing this Sabbath day can reach that condition of soul development which will fit him for an entrance into the divine kingdom will, when he comes to the spirit world, find himself much disappointed. The keeping of this day as these people teach, or of any other day, will not develop their soul qualities or make them one with the Father, or even give them a great development of the natural love, for the doing or refraining to do those things which the commandment, which is the basis of their belief, directs to be done or not done, will only benefit them if they will try to get into attunement with the soul requirements which are necessary in order to become partakers of the Divine Love.

So do not let the thoughts or argument of this pamphlet influence you in any way as regards the essentials to a correct understanding of the plans of God for the salvation of mankind.

As Jesus has told you, he will not come to earth with a shout surrounded by his angels, and catch up into the heavens these Adventists, or any other human beings, but he will come and is now coming into the souls of men, through his teachings the workings of the Holy Spirit and in no other way.

He is not the God of wrath and judgment that they teach, but merely the true son of his Father, and comes to all men in love and sympathy, and with the great desire that men shall turn away from their evil thoughts and seek the Love and Mercy of the Father.

I felt that I wanted to write you this, as I realize what great errors are contained in that pamphlet, and men may be lead to believe these errors.

While you may read such literature do not let it for one moment cause you to turn your thoughts away from the pure and true teachings of the Master, for if you, or any other man, should base your salvation on what is taught in such writings, you will be deceived, and when you come to the spirit world you will be greatly disappointed in not finding what such writings may lead you to expect.

I must not write more now, as you are not in condition to write further.

Your own true and loving,