Helen and Mary write to their soulmates again.

April 26th, 1919

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

Let me write, for I have been waiting so long for the opportunity to send a message to my soulmate and let him know that I am so happy, not only because of love that I possess in my soul but because he has a great deal of this abounding love.

I am with him very often as he knows and I am so glad for him that I can impress upon him my presence and love. We are all very much gratified that he is progressing so much in his soul and realize that he is progressing in the right way to a position here when he comes over to enjoy the bliss that is outside the spheres of darkness. Many spirits attend him in his serious talks to mortals of the truths of the spirit world as he knows them and the effect that they have on the spirits who listen to him and think of what he tells them. He must continue in this work for he hardly knows or realizes the vast number of spirits who surround him and anxious to hear of those things that show the way to a new life.

Now to be a little more personal I must tell him that when he talks in this way, I feel that he will surely be mine without the long wait that comes to many spirits who do not know the way and has not the longings for this Love as he has. Surely God is good and loves his children and we should thank Him with all the gratitude of our souls, and never cease to render unto Him the expression of our gratitude. There are many spirits present tonight and for a fact are always present with him for they learn that he has in him that which enables him to receive the impression of the spirits who are so anxious to meet with their loved ones on earth. This is a wonderful gift, and if men could only know that it is as interesting to spirits as it is to mortals they would realize how blessed the man is who has a soul in unionism with the spirit world.

I will not write more now, but only say that he must continue to proclaim the truths of God and not be disappointed when men do not heed or are indifferent, for in the end the seed that he sows will bear fruit and he will see the results of his work when he comes to the spirit world.

With my love and everlasting longings for him.

I will subscribe myself his loving –


As early as January 1915 before Mary Kennedy could write her own message and be able to control the mind and hand of the instrument, she was permitted to dictate her thoughts of love to Mrs. Helen Padgett who wrote through her husband Mr. James E. Padgett the following:

Tell Leslie that he is so very dear to her that he must not let his thoughts of love wander away from her towards any other person upon earth or in the spirit world, that she loved him so long and only recently has she had the opportunity to let him know in a way that he could understand, that she feels as if she must just let her whole heart burst upon him with its great fountain of love for him. She is not able to express to him the extent or intensity of this love but she does love him to the full limit of her capacity. When he lies down at night or when he awakens in the morning, she is with him trying to flood his soul with her love and happiness.

Mrs. Helen Padgett further says, that Mary Kennedy will not be content to have Leslie think that her love is not his for it is to its fullness and tell him, he must believe her and that she is with him nearly all the time, trying to help him and make him feel her presence. She is not so far away that she cannot know at all times what his feelings are, and when he gets lonely and wants her love and help, he must try to become in rapport with her, even when he is alone in his room and thinks that no one is with him. She is his now and will be through all eternity. Only love like hers can last when disappointments and troubles come and when they do come then her love grows stronger, sweeter and he must feel it more as he feels the need of it. She is not now trying to make him believe that she is only waiting for him to come over in order that he may know that she loves him with all her heart and soul, but she loves him in that way while he is on earth beset by all the cares that come to him. He must love her more and more each day and he will find that his happiness will increase as this love grows. Tell him she is in the fifth sphere and is preparing a home which will be so beautiful that he will be more surprised than he will be at the beauties of the spirit plane where she is, for her home in addition to having the beauties that are in that sphere will have her love permeating it.

She also has another love for him to become more intense and pure but which draws her nearer to her Father of Love. This is the greatest of all Love and she so wants him to let his heart become filled with it also. It is his, if he will only seek for it and believe that the Father is ready to give it to him, for He is not only ready but anxious. And she further says: Tell my dear Leslie to pray to God and ask that this Love may be given to him and fill his soul, for if he does, he will receive it, and when he does he will not only love God supremely, but will love his true soulmate with a purer and sweeter love than he can conceive of. And when he does that he will find that his happiness will be so great and joyful that the little cares and troubles of his earth life will not be able to mar that happiness or make him to wish for any other kind. Because I am his and he is mine and when he realizes that, he will know what soulmate love means.

We are not for each other for a limited time only, but for all eternity. And even eternity will not be too long in the enjoyment of our mutual love. Oh, he is, my own true soulmate and sweetheart and I am so happy in that knowledge that my cup of joy seems to be full and running over. Let him think of me as being close by his side all the time sharing his joys and sympathizing with him in all his sorrow and he will feel that he is not alone. Tell him to try to become a true lover of God and the truths of His teachings by His son, our brother and helper Jesus. I am a firm believer in these truths and know that they are true and I want my dear soulmate to believe with me for in that belief is found the great happiness which I tell you of. So Leslie dear – goodbye for now.

Mrs. Helen Padgett in her writing through Mr. James E. Padgett instrument, makes further comments:

Well, she loves him with a very pure and steadfast love, she is a lovely spirit and one who is filled with the Love of her Father, and she is worthy of all the love that any man can give her. I am very fond of her and see a great deal of her. She is so gentle and loving and tender and is loved by many spirits to whom she has administered consolation and help.

Well sweetheart I must stop for tonight. Goodnight, with all my love.

Your own true