Helen comments on a sick man.

April 23rd, 1919.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

Well my dear, I see that you have done a good work tonight towards one poor soul who is in a condition of death, and that your conversation will have an effect upon his soul that will lead him to wish for the Love of the Father. He was much impressed by your talk and many of his spirit friends were present and listened to your explanation of the Love and the way to obtain it, and were somewhat astonished at your doctrine. They are living in the belief that the Christianity as explained by the teachers and ministers of the churches leads them into, and were much affected by the teachings which you expounded. They are very anxious to learn the way and some of them accompanied you home and listened to the conversation of yourself and the Doctor.

Some are here now and desire to write, but we tell them that it is too late, and that if they come tomorrow night they shall have the opportunity to write. The sick man’s father was among the spirits who were present, and is very anxious to write to his son and corroborate what you said to him, and tomorrow night he desires to write you, so you must be prepared to let him write.

Well, we were present and the drawing power that you experienced came from the exercise of the desires of many of these friends of the sick man to communicate with you, and if we had permitted, they would have taken possession of you and made their wishes known. But we did not think it best for them to control you, and so we told them and they desisted.

The power which you felt going out of you was directed towards the sick man, and if it had continued he would have realized that there was some power or influence which was working on him for his benefit; and as it is, I think that he will feel the results of the power on his physical condition and find himself feeling much better. He is paralyzed and needs the help of the spirits to bring about his cure, and some of them will be with Dr. Stone when he next treats the man, and he will realize that some unseen power is helping him. I will not write more of the occurrence now, but let the spirits themselves tell you of the scene. So do not try to get more messages now, as you need your strength reserved.

I am happy to tell you that you are in better condition tonight to receive our messages and your worries have left you to a large extent, and if you will only listen to and take the advice that John gave you tonight, you will soon feel yourself again and become suited to do the work that is before you.

We all love you very much and are trying to help you in every way. The spirit who advises you in your material affairs was here tonight desiring to write you, but has now left. He said though that he is of the same opinion but that you must be a little careful in your estimate of the market, as it may not reach the high that he first told you of, that there has been a large volume of the stock sold or bought lately and that the climax may come a little earlier than he at first thought. He will come tomorrow night and speak for himself.

Baby wants to write, and I told her that soon she shall do so.

I will not write more now. So Sweetheart, say good night and go to bed.

Your own true and loving,