Helen comments on James’ efforts in writing tonight.

March 18th, 1917

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen:

Well dear, I was waiting for you to call me. The other spirits who tried to write were not dark spirits, but were not of the soul spheres either; and were very much disappointed that they could not get the rapport. We did not try to prevent them writing, and they failed because they could not get the power.

You have done considerable writing tonight and I must not detain you very long as you are tired, although you may not realize it. But tomorrow night I will come and write my message just after Luther shall have finished his.

You may doubt the identity of the spirit who wrote you but he says that he is the man, and that he has recently come to the spirit life and is very weak and somewhat at a loss as to just where he is. I heard you call him and when he came, of course, we let him write. He will come again, and explain how he heard your call.

Well, Mrs. Wilson wrote, and she was very anxious to do so, and very grateful that she was permitted to write. I will do what you requested, and tell her who her soulmate is, and whether it be her late husband or not she will be the better by knowing.

I will also tell her of the other greater thing that you suggested without telling her what it is. But I will take great pains in instructing her, and believe that she will listen to me.

Many spirits were here tonight, and your father enjoyed writing very much. He is with you very much looking after you. I will not write more now.

So love me and believe that I love you and am

Your own true and loving,