Helen comments on Mr. Richard’s message.

April 13th, 1919

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Your own true and loving Helen:

Well, dear, you have just had a message from one of the spirits who sometimes attends the meetings of Mrs. Kates, and he was very anxious to write you, and we permitted him to do so. He is not of the higher order of spirits, though one who is much advanced in his natural love, and knows the different classes of spirits who attend the meetings. We were present, but of course could not communicate for the reason that he has given you. If Mrs. Kates would only learn the truth of communication and rapport, and seek to obtain the soul development that would enable the higher spirits to come to her, she would have wonderful powers and hear the voices of spirits who now never communicate with her. She is a wonderful medium in the sphere of work that she is doing and many spirits are made happy by the messages of love to their loved ones, and the mortals as well, but her mediumship is not of the order that will benefit her very much, and the time is now arrived when she must get into a higher class of work, and enable spirits of a higher order to come to her and communicate.

You must not fail to give her the message that the Master wrote, for upon it depends not only her own salvation, but the salvation of many mortals to whom she can preach the truths of God, and the knowledge of the life beyond the borderline of death. I hope that you will soon have the opportunity.

Well, I see that you are in a better condition today, and some of the higher spirits have been with you, suggesting thoughts and trying to impress you with the importance of your work. You must realize this when you contrast the teachings that you heard today with the truths that have been revealed to you.

Well, they will come soon and continue the messages that treat of the great truths of God and man, and you must get in the condition that will permit them to successfully write.

I will not write more tonight. Baby is here and sends her love. We all love you and hope that soon now brighter things will open up to you and that your hopes will soon be realized. Keep up your faith and you will not be disappointed.

Good night my dear husband,

Your own true and loving,