Helen comments on the cause of War.

December 24th, 1916

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Your own true and loving Helen.

You have received quite a wonderful message from the Master to-night and it will cause some surprise, no doubt, to many who believe that God confers a special dispensation for every prayer, is respective of the workings of His laws.

But the Master has clearly shown that this belief is erroneous, and that man, himself, can prevent God from answering prayer. I do not mean that it will not be possible for Him to do so, if He should choose to exercise His power, but that man by his own will and deeds places himself in such a condition that God would have to violate His own laws to make a response in accordance with the prayers of men, which He will not do.

I know that you will find the message very interesting, but not so much so as what will follow, for the one places man in the condition of having to depend on himself without expectation of the Father’s help, and the other will show that the Father is not only willing and ready to help men in their distress, but also the way in which He will help, and the absolute certainty of that help being given.

Your own true and loving