Helen comments on the Preacher’s Sermon of a Spiritual Movement of the day.

May 11th, 1919.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Your own true and loving, Helen.

Well, my dear, I see that you are happy tonight, and I am also, for I heard you read the messages and saw the effect that they had on your soul, and that they caused you to love both the Father and me more. You must not cease to love as you do tonight for there is no other happiness that can supply the place which this love brings to you.

I was with you tonight at the meeting and heard the preacher speak of the source of the greatest joy, and I was sorry that he did not know that source. He talked of a happiness that came to him from a knowledge that he thought he had of God, and he was in earnest, but he did not realize the real joy or the source thereof. His joy is that which comes from a great degree of the purification of his natural love, which must necessarily bring to him increased happiness, and I am glad that he talked in the way he did, but so sorry that he has not experienced the Real Love that is the only source of the greatest joy.

Well, sometime men will know what the source means, and how different it is from the mere purification of the natural love, and in addition will learn the way to obtain this Divine Love and keep it as the greatest thing in all the universe.

The talk of the preacher is very beneficial to many of his hearers and causes much searching of their souls, and a better condition of living and an experience that makes them very happy. I would advise you to attend his meetings occasionally, for the influence is good and you may have the opportunity sometime to tell him of the higher truths.

There were a number of spirits present with you desiring to hear and learn something that might render them happier and enlighten them as to the true way, but some things that he said did not help much. He placed too much emphasis on the necessity of making life on earth the great object of their efforts and aspirations, and rather discountenanced the thought that in the spirit life there are heavens and conditions to be longed for and enjoyed. Yet, as I say, his preaching will do good; for the better men become in their thoughts and aspirations, even though as to a mere cleansing of their natural love, the better it will be for them, and will tend to make the earth life better and more in harmony with the laws of man’s creation.

I am so glad that I can write you again and tell you of my love, and assure you of the truths that have been already revealed to you.

Well I will not write more tonight. We all love you, and so with my love I will say, good night.

Your own true and loving,