Helen comments on the themes of the book James is reading.

April 19th, 1919

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Your own true and loving Helen:

Well my dear, I see that you have been very much interested in the book that you have been reading, and also in many of the truths that it contains, as well as in many untruths that are set forth. The writer of the book knows not as a fact the things that he has therein written, but has compiled the statements from other works that were written, long ago by men who were of the oriental religions, and who wrote as they conceived the truth of existence to be, both in the earth world and in the spirit world.

They were possessed of a combination of concepts that came to them in their moments of meditation and in their moments of being wide awake to the conditions of the present life, I mean the earth life. They are not authority, and while they have many of the truths of the other side of life, yet they must not be relied on for definite and authoritative information.

I will come soon and write to you on the subject of the rebirth or reincarnation, and show you that it has no foundation in fact or in the economy of God’s creation of the human soul.

Man, when he once gives up his earth life, never returns to it again in the way described in the book, but only in his spirit form, as I am now doing.

Well, dear, you are in better condition tonight, and the higher spirits will soon come and write you. The Master is not here tonight, as he has gone to the Celestial Heavens, where he may not hear the praise and worship ascend to him as God, and the redeemer of the world by his death and resurrection, subjects which are wholly untrue and very distasteful to him.

If men would only understand the true resurrection, how much they would be benefited and progress in their soul development. He arose from the dead while yet living, and when his physical death took place the resurrection had already occurred, and the truth of the resurrection from the dead had already been demonstrated. He will soon come and write you.

I will not write more now, and with my love will say, good night.

Your own true and loving,