Helen comments on the two previous messages.

February 1st, 1917.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

Well dear, you have received some very interesting letters tonight, and both the spirits who claimed to write actually did so.

Blaine is very much interested in the crises that has arisen, and his advice is given with much enthusiasm and desire that the President take immediate action to protect the rights of the U.S.

Bismarck was most serious and not at all excited while writing, but was very calm in stating what he considered to be the right of his country.

Well, it is all very sad, and we spirits as well as you mortals, will be very glad when this cruel war is over, for I must tell you that many spirits come over from the battlefields in a very bad condition, and the spirits who receive them are given much work to do in helping them. I have visited some of the battlefields during the battles and have seen some very terrible sights, and sometimes I will write you the results of my observations, and what the spirits of some of the soldiers have said and done after they were in the spirit world a little while. Peace will come, but never will it be a certain lasting peace, until men receive in their hearts the true love for their brother mortals. The reforms must come to the individual, and the victory of nations as such, will not bring this peace.

Well, you are tired and I must not write more. But I must say that you are in a much better condition of spirit and soul, and if you continue to pray to the Father you will soon be in condition so that the higher spirits will be able to write their messages, which they so much wish to do.

We all send love and blessings and desire you to be happy.

You know how I love you and want you to be happy, and how my prayers go to the Father for your happiness and the inflowing of the love.

So think of me and love me, and have faith and courage, and you will be blessed.

Give me my kiss and say goodnight.

Your own true and loving,