Helen comments that the Master was with him.

April 28th, 1918.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

I am your own true and loving Helen.

Well, dear, I have been with you a very great deal today and know just how you have felt and experienced a happiness in your soul arriving from the thoughts that you had in reference to things of the soul.

I will not attempt now to comment on either of the sermons that you heard. But I know just what thoughts you had in reference to the same and your thoughts were as my thoughts. It is so important but sad that the preachers have not had more information of the truth so that they might tell their hearers.

Tonight the Master was with you and listened to the lecture and impressed you with the thoughts that you had, and felt that he would like to be able to tell the preacher just what his future is. He is a representative as he claims of the Christian teachings with a duty upon him to give forth these teachings to his people, yet he failed to do so. It is pitiable that such condition of ignorance of the truth exists among the ministers of the Gospel. But it is so and no help can apparently be offered them until the truths that you are receiving shall be published and spread among them.

The Master would have written tonight had circumstances been altogether favorable, but they were not and he will come very soon and communicate.I will not write more now.

So, my dear, love me and pray to the Father for His Love.


Your own true and loving,