Helen confirms Mr. Meloy wrote his message.

September 20th, 1915.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

Well sweetheart, you have written enough for tonight and must stop.

I want to tell you that the spirits who professed to write actually did so. Mr. Meloy was very much pleased that he could write to you and was a very bright spirit and seemed to be very much interested in the phenomenon of your being able to take his messages. I know that he was anxious to write because when he came he told me that he was an old acquaintance of yours and a brother lawyer and asked that we permit him to write, which we did.

Well, he is a quite comely spirit, he is of the ordinary size and seems to be one who has his full development in so far as the spirit body is concerned.

I must not write more.

Well, they are anxious to write but somehow when these higher spirits come they stand back and let the former write.

But they will now, anxious to write again and you will enjoy their writings, I know. Yes, I know but they wish to impress on you certain important truths and hence in a little different form, they proclaim the same truths. But they will soon change and when writing go more in detail as to the things that they desire to tell you about.

You will be surprised to see how loving and patient he is with you, never a look that indicates that he is tired of being with you or of writing to you, and I know that he loves you very dearly and wants to be with you.

So you must not think that because he is with you so often that he is not the real Jesus, for I tell you that any time you receive a message signed by his name he always writes it.

So goodnight,

Your own true and loving,