Helen confirms that John and the Dr.’s Mother wrote.

February 6th, 1917.

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen.

I will write now, for I want to add my testimony to that of Mary and Mrs. Stone as to the truth of the fact that John actually wrote the message that you received.

Of course, you have been told this many times before, and you certainly had no reason to doubt, and I did not think it necessary that you should have the additional assurance, but John has been present most of the evening and heard your conversation and also that part in which you spoke of Mr. Morgan’s doubts, and he felt that you should be again assured of the fact of your selections; and what he said to you and the Doctor also applies to Mr. Morgan.

My dear, if you and the Doctor could have seen the great glory that was with John when he made the announcement, you would never again – and I mean all three of you – doubt the fact. The work is before you, and no other at this time can do it, and you all must consider this the great object of your efforts during the few years that will be yours on earth. There is no mistake, and the reality of the mission is so certain that when you shall have done your work and seen the results when you come to the spirit land you will wonder that you ever could have doubted.

Your own true and loving