Helen confirms that Judas wrote.

October 21st, 1916.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Your own true and loving Helen

Well, I am pleased that you received the message from Judas and it is a wonderful message filled with truths that you will perceive with more force and newness the more you read it.

It was actually Judas writing, and as he said, he was chosen by the others to deliver the same, for many of them were present while he was doing so. And I was here also and heard what was said, and know that what I tell you is true.

How blessed you and Mr. Morgan and the Dr. should feel to know that of all the wonderful spirits of the Celestial Spheres, the most wonderful and the highest come to you and communicate with you, and not only that, but they bring with them an atmosphere of love that has a most beneficial effect upon the conditions of your souls. I am so happy that I can tell you this and I know that you will believe me, for my love for you would not permit me to deceive you, no matter what the occasion might be.Yes, my dear, these high spirits are your friends and brothers. What more can I say to cause you to realize the greatness of the experience that you are having? I do not know.

Well as you were much drawn on by the message of Judas, I do not think it best to write more tonight and I will stop.

Your own true and loving Helen