Helen confirms that the Frenchman and the German wrote on the event of the War.

November 1st, 1915.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen.

You must go to bed and get up earlier in the morning, for you may lose business by not doing so.

I will not write much, but only say that your communications tonight were interesting, if not convincing, as to whether the Allies or Germans will win. Napoleon and Von Moltke were both present, and they did not look as if they had much love for each other.

I will not tell you of my love tonight, as it is too late, but I love you, and I love my children and have been with them today. Harry is very happy and so is his wife. Edward is as usual, I don’t think very happy – how sad! Nita is happy too; she is getting on all right, and as soon as you get some money for her she will be very contented. So you see, I remembered what you said last night, and I feel better by having visited them today. Oh, my darling, do not think that I do not love them, for I do and that with all my mother’s soul. But of course, not as I do you.

So go to bed and trust in God, and believe in the Master, for he will do as he promised. Good night, my dear old Ned.

Your own true and loving