Helen confirms that the Spirit who conveyed the previous message is in darkness.

January 8th, 1917.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

Well, dear, I see that you and the Doctor enjoyed the last message, as did we who saw him write, and I must say that he is one of the most self-opinionated spirits that I have met for a long time. He is not very pretty, or rather attractive looking, and has considerable darkness in his appearance, yet he is evidently a hard student of what he calls intellectual things. He does not like the females, and I have my doubts that they make any very great efforts to win his affections; but anyhow he considers himself safer in shunning them, as he says.

If you could have seen the expression on White Eagle’s face when he so highly eulogized the spirit, you would have been unable to restrain your laughter, and we could not, but we made ourselves invisible to him so that he could not see us.

Well, the writing shows you the result of spirits believing that the mind is the only thing that needs development, and we want to tell you that this spirit may continue in this condition of undeveloped soul for many long years to come. But as you advised him to seek an interview with some of the spirits who have the development, which only the Divine Love can give, it may cause some benefit to him. And we will have come to him some spirit who will be in such condition of memory of his beliefs on earth, that will enable him to meet the spirit on his own ground and discuss with him not only the question of the freedom of the spheres for us who have this Love, but also other questions that have to do with the supposed knowledge of this spirit, so that he will realize that the spirits whom he sees flitting from sphere to sphere are not the frivolous spirits that he believes they are.

I will write you sometime the result of this interview, for we will bring it about, not so much to satisfy this curiosity as to who we really are, as to help him gain a knowledge of this Divine Love that he thinks is only a will-o’-the-wisp.

Mary was present and enjoyed the incident very much and wanted to tell the spirit that she knows all about the soulmate love, and that if he, the spirit, should try to find his soulmate and succeed, he would then know what real happiness is; but she saw that it would do no good. Well, you have written enough for tonight and are tired.

We both send our love and want our kisses.

Good night and God bless you both with that Divine Love which is, as the Doctor says, the greatest thing in all the world.

Your own true and loving,