Helen confirms the dignitaries of the day, describing WWI.

February 8th, 1917.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Your own true and loving Helen.

You must not be surprised that so many spirits of presidents and rulers of Europe are here tonight writing to you, for in the spirit life space is as nothing, and the attraction of kindred thoughts brings together spirits who you might suppose are far apart in their habitations.

These spirits who have written, and many more who are present, are all interested in this great war. And I will say here that tonight you have had around you a greater concourse of men and women who were considered great on earth than have ever before congregated in one place.

This may seem surprising to you, but it should not, for in spirit life all these persons are mere spirits, and are not considered to be presidents and kings and queens – but mere spirits. And some are not so high in the spheres as mortals might naturally suppose. They are spirits who are much interested in their people and have more or less development of their souls and spiritual natures; but when you compare the assembly tonight, as these great ones of earth, with the assembly you sometimes have of spirits from the Celestial Heavens, you would see that it would look to you like a comparison of the light of the sun to the light between darkness and dawn! So you need not be surprised that these spirits came and wrote you.

Well, you have had a variety of messages tonight, and must now stop, as you are tired. So with all my love I will close.

Your own true and loving