Helen confirms the importance of men and women learning of the Truths of Divine Love.

May 21st, 1918.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

Well dear, I see that you have been much benefitted by the reading of the messages to-night, and I am so glad that you read them in the manner that you did. The truths which you read in reference to the spirit world in the book of Dr. Peebles, are very beautiful and also edifying and helpful to the extent that they affect the conditions of the souls of men, but, as you know, they do not reach the vital point or tell of the great truth which is necessary for men to know in order to obtain the condition of the Divine Angel and the home in the Celestial Heavens.

Of course, the writer, or any of those whom he quotes, could not speak of this higher truth, for they did not understand the same and they could comprehend only the great moral teachings of Jesus. But these teachings are also of great importance to mankind, for the understanding and observance of them in thought and deed will certainly lead man to a purification of his soul, and to a coming in at-onement with the Father, in accordance with the perfectness of man in his creation. As we have written you, the large majority of men will exist in the great eternity only as perfect men, enjoying the happiness which that condition brings to them, and, hence it is of great importance that men should be taught these mortal truths.

But of greater importance is the knowledge of the truth which will show men the way to become Divine Angels and at-one with God in His very Substance and Essence of Love. This was the great mission of the Master on earth, but men failed to understand and realize that fact, and, instead, were possessed only of the knowledge of the moral truths and a belief that such truths, or rather the results of the practicing and living the same, would lead them to immortality and perfect happiness.

Well, you understand all this, and I will not say more on the subject; but I wish to emphasize to you the importance of your fully realizing, deep down in your soul, that the truths of the Divine are not understood by men, and, hence, cause you to appreciate more the great importance of the work which you are to perform. Oh, my dear, I hope that you will consider and meditate upon this and try your best to get in such condition that the rapport may be made and these truths delivered to you. You know the way, the only way, and you must follow that way. Pray to the Father with all the longings of your soul, and meditate more on spiritual things, such as the truths which the Master and the others have revealed to you. I know that you are desirous of receiving the messages, but you are not willing, as it seems, to make the effort to get in the soul condition, which will not come from the existence of the mere desire to receive the messages.

Well, I did not write earlier in the evening for you were not just in condition, and I thought that if you did not hear from me, you might possibly read some of the messages and thus get in a better soul condition to receive my message, as you have done.

It is too late to write more tonight, but I feel quite hopeful that I will be able to do so very soon.

So sweetheart, pray to the Father and let your faith increase, and think more of these truths, and what they mean.

I will not write more now, and will only further say, love me with all your heart and think more of me, and you will be much happier.

Good night, my dear husband.

Your own true and loving,