Helen confirms there is no re-incarnation.

November 25th, 1916.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

Well dear, you have had a somewhat astonishing letter tonight, I mean astonishing when you come to consider the person who wrote it, but it is true, it was really Goliath who wrote, and I may say this because I have met him before and besides the higher and even some evil spirits have told me that he is.

Well, he made a very strong argument and I hope that it may be very effective some day in convincing men of its truth. I could have written on the same subject based on the knowledge that I have, but I would have said, and what I should have said, would have been just as true in a few words thus; there will be no such great teacher as these people expect and there is no such thing as reincarnation. Once a spirit, always a spirit. But I must not take the time to write on this matter.

I am very glad that you are feeling better tonight as it makes me able to get closer to you and more in rapport with your condition. I am very happy and want you to be and I am praying for you and asking the Father to bless you with a greater inflowing of His Love.

Mary wants me to say a few words to the Doctor for her. She says she is happy too and sees that the Doctor is and that she is progressing more and more and that even her progress does not keep her from being with him quite often. She has asked me to let her write a long letter to the Dr. and I have promised and very soon she will do so. She says she will go home with him tonight and stay with him until he goes to sleep and will then try to take his spirit with her and give him a taste of the happiness of a sphere that he has never been in, and I will help her and I believe that she will succeed and tell him to prepare for the experiment. And if we succeed we promise to bring him back to his body, which will be the only reincarnation that he will ever experience. So with our love to you both, I will say good-night. God bless you both.

Your own true and loving,