Helen confirms this.

July 17th, 1915.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen

Well, sweetheart, you have received tonight wonderful messages from wonderful spirits and I hardly know what to say.

It almost overwhelms me to see the great spirits of the Kingdom of Jesus come to you and write such messages. It seem to me that they are all interested in your work to such an extent that they feel that every one of them must come to you and bring the Great Love and power which they possess and give it to you.

It is so wonderful and astonishing that I can scarcely conceive that it is true. I did not think that you would ever be so favored in your life on earth, but now I see that you will have a work to do that no other mortal has ever had. And to think, that you are my Ned and a mere man.

So I thank God for His great goodness to you, and also the Master for having chosen you as his disciple to do this great work.

We are praising God and thanking Him for His mercy towards you.

I cannot write more tonight as I want to think of it all.

Only believe and you will see what a wonderful spirit the Master is and how much he loves you.

So sweetheart, I will say goodnight.

Your own true loving,