Helen confirms to James that Prof. Salyards wrote.

December 18th, 1914.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

You certainly did write a long letter. Prof. Salyards is very much interested in you and you must believe that he wrote you for he did. I was here all the time that he was writing and got very impatient for I wanted to say something myself.

He was telling the truth and you are real mean to have me think that you doubt that I do. So be a good boy and listen to what I have to say.

You are not so worried tonight and I am so glad of it, for if you had continued to be so, I fear that you might have become sick. You see that everything is coming all right, just as we told you. You were so worried that even Jesus condescended to assure you as he did last night.

Jesus was certainly good to you to talk to you so kindly and lovingly. He told you that he would always look after your welfare and he will. I do not believe that any other human has ever had that assurance direct from him since he came into spirit life. He is the one that you must believe in and if you do, there is no telling to what heights you may rise for he seems to love you so much that I believe he will do whatever you may wish if it be not contrary to his ideas of what is good for you. So only trust in him and I tell you that you will never want for anything, either in the earth life or in this. He is now trying to help you in your spiritual nature so that you can do his work and when you become a better man in that particular he will write you the message that he told you he would. Let me help you to believe fully in his promises.

Be my own true Ned and you will be a most happy man.

Yes, I know, but they will soon pass and then you will realize what it is to have a God and a Jesus and a little wife love you. I am least, but I love you With all the love that I have and you must realize it.

Yes, you may.

(here no doubt a question was asked about Prof. Salyards’ soulmate.)

He has never tried as I suppose, for if he had he would have found her. The fact is that he did not think of soulmates until he became more in contact with us and then I suppose that he did not give sufficient consideration to the matter. I do not know, all spirits do not find their soulmates at once. Some of them not for long years as I am informed.

Yes, I will and the next time that he writes, he will tell you that he has found out who she is, for I will search in that book of lives that you know about and find out and tell him and then he will know and tell you.

He is still in doubt, but I think that he is commencing to see the light and you must continue to pray for him. Do not let the thought that he is not praying himself disturb you for he is and your mother is trying her best. to convince him that he is in the right way by praying and that soon he will see the light which will guide him to God’s Love. He is a wonderful spirit in his earnestness and desire to learn of the things of this life and just as soon as he is convinced of the truth of the New Birth he will progress very rapidly, for he will not rest until he gets whatever is possible for him to obtain.

Let your best and most loving thoughts go to him.

Yes, sometimes, but he is not so very much convinced as to what I may know of the necessity of his learning to give his heart to God as he is as to what your mother and grandmother may know, and so I do not talk to him on this matter very often, yet he seems to think that I must have experienced something that makes me look so different from what I did when he first saw me in this life.

Yes, he told you just what your father said and what your mother told him in reply. Your father was a spirit that liked the things of earth to a great degree and enjoyed looking on at the pleasure of the earth life as the Professor told you. Yet he was also so good that he realized to a great extent the love of God and could write you about it very effectively. But he did not enjoy it as much as you might be led to believe from the way he wrote. But now he knows and when he writes you again and tells you of the love of his Father, you may believe that he experiences what he is writing about.

He is my own dear daddy and I love him very much. He is so kind and loving that I do not wonder that his soulmate loves him so much, and I believe that you must take after him for I love you more than she does him.

She may not agree with me, but I can’t help that and still stick to what I say.

I have seen his poem and I know that he has written it, but I do not understand why he cannot write it to you without your learning to love him more. It does seem unexplainable to me, for I do not see how the want of more love on your part can possibly prevent him from writing the poem to you. He must not be ready to do it now or he may feel bashful in doing so, but I will talk to him and urge him to do so. Maybe he does not think it of sufficient importance now that he has arisen to the higher sphere, but I will find out and let you know. I will tell him what you say.

Nothing more tonight except that White Eagle says that you do not seem to want him to treat you any more as you do not make the opportunity for him to do so.

He says that you are all right and that he will treat you tonight after you are through reading. He is very anxious, so do not disappoint him.

Your own loving,