Helen confirms White Eagle’s healing powers.

May 16th, 1916.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Your own loving Helen.

Well, sweetheart, I will not write much, as you are tired and must go to bed early. You have had an experience tonight which has exhausted you somewhat, and you need rest.

I was with you at Mr. Morgan’s, and tried to help him; and when White Eagle was rubbing him, I also tried to help. I think that Mr. Morgan will feel better in the morning, for White Eagle used a great deal of his power to treat Mr. Morgan, and you received so much that I was afraid it might do you some harm at the time. But White Eagle said no, that he would look out for that, and so I told him to do his best.

Yes, Jesus was there, and what you received he actually wrote. And he was so anxious to help Mr. Morgan in the way that he indicated-and will succeed, if he can only establish the necessary rapport, as he said. It will be a glorious demonstration if he does succeed.

I would like to write longer tonight, but I must not. So, my own dear Ned, love me and think of me, and call me to you more often. Give me a great big kiss and say good-night.

Your own true and loving