Helen conveys her love to James from the Spirit World.

September 14th, 1914.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

I do, with all my heart. I was and I was so happy. You must not be unhappy because I am with you all the time, and you will not he lonely if you love me as you did this morning. You are my only darling one and this is my one dear privilege of having you for myself. Be true to me and you will be happy.

Yes the Master was with you on Saturday night and he is the only one who can help you to feel the love of God as you did.

(The following question referring to Mr. Colburn, who said it might be a false impersonation).

Yes and I heard what was said – he is not correct in saying that I do not know Jesus when he comes among us. He is so luminous with the love of God and the spirit of righteousness in his whole being that we all know that he is the true Christ – do not let any doubt exist in your mind that the one who wrote to you was not Jesus – he was the true Jesus of the Bible.

Yes, and I have seen the spirit of Rector, he is not the spirit that he represents himself to be, he is a wicked spirit who goes about to deceive the mortals on earth, he is a wicked spirit who has no love for God or man, and he is trying to lead mankind to believe that he is the Christ, he will be severely punished at the time of reckoning.

Yes and I know what I am talking about as I have been warned against him. Your grandmother who is in one of the highest planes of the spirit world has told me of him.

He (Jesus) is a very bright and handsome spirit, He is not the same as the picture on earth represents him to be. He is very lovely and kind and filled with love, and has a face that seems to glow with the spirit of the Love of his Father.

He is a most holy looking spirit and does not know that he is a lovely one, but seems so humble and ready to serve all who need his help and love.

Yes he will and you must believe in him and follow his advice. He wants you to become a good and pure man. He saw that you were longing to know the truth and he was anxious to help you. He saw that you were distressed and that you needed the assistance of his great love and teaching.

Tell Mr. Colburn that he must believe that Jesus is ready to come to him and show him the Truth and Love of God and that he must not think that the Christ is not teaching mankind the way of truth and love. He is only hearing the cry of the penitent and the lost soul.

He will come when you earnestly call for him and will teach you the true and secret meanings of his sayings as recorded in the Bible, only have faith and love the Father. He has told me that he is only waiting for you and your friend (Mr. Colburn) to call on him in faith and earnestness and he will come to you both.

Yes, and I am progressing very rapidly and will soon be in the third sphere. You must not wish for that now, be contended a little while and you will be with me.

No, I will wait for you and we will go together to the higher planes of love and light. We will always be together as husband and wife.

(I asked the question, did she love her children very much?)

Yes, I love them and am with them very often, but they are the love mates of others. They will find their happiness in the society of these others, they will not need me after a little while, except that I shall help them to feel that their mother is watching over them and loves them as a mother. Do not let their lives be too much a part of yours as you are not the one that God decreed should be with them as their true loves forever. Let your love for them only help them to learn that they must live right and love their God.

Yes, she (Nita) is in the school and is very happy and only wants to have her school commence its exercises. She loves you very much and is a true daughter, and is learning the truths of Christ’s teachings.

You are my dearest and only love and you will be my soul-mate when you come to me in the future. Let me feel that you love me as I do you and I shall be very happy.

Yes, and I saw the book that you were reading, the last one is not helpful, let it alone, as it is but the philosophy of a man that has a hobby and he will not convince you of any helpful truth.

Be a true follower of Christ and you will need no other knowledge or help. Yes, and I do not agree with him as to Spiritualism or Christian Science. He is not well enough informed on either to form a correct judgment. He is too bigoted and has not a true conception of the Bible. Let him alone.

Good night, with all my love and many kisses.