Helen conveys just how lovely Jesus is.

March 24th, 1915.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, your own dear and loving Helen:

Well, see how obedient I am, but it was a very great pleasure to obey you in that way, as you know.

Well sweetheart, you have had some wonderful messages tonight and I feel that they will help you very much in your moments of trouble and worry. I was so glad that the Master wrote you as he did. He was so very loving and brotherly and seemed to be so much interested in your welfare.

He is so beautiful that we all stand and gaze at him, as you say on earth, and so loving, that we feel that he is our great big, loving brother. I tell you that without him this spirit world would not be the place of happiness that it is to us who believe in him and love him and follow his teachings. So many spirits do not know him as their loving brother and way shower, and they are left to their own thoughts to find happiness. So you see the great privilege and opportunity we, who know him as the son of the Father, have over those who know him not. Having eyes, they see not, and ears they hear not. It seems so strange to me, but I tell you that it is true. The Master, with his great love and wisdom and power, passes them by and they see him not. I try so hard to teach many spirits what a knowledge of him means; but they seem so dull of comprehension and so darkened in their souls development, that my work is often in vain. Yet I have hope and continue my work, knowing that at some unexpected moment a ray of light may break in and they commence to think that God lives to give them his great love, and take them to his care and protection in the way that we have told you of.

My heart yearns so for these blind spirits and willful rejectors of the truth of the New Birth. Many of these spirits are very excellent moral people and live lives of uprightness and love for their fellow spirits, and work very hard to help the less enlightened to progress to conditions of comparative happiness; and yet they, themselves, will not listen to our teachings of the greater truths, which if understood and obeyed would carry them to conditions of inexpressible happiness.

Well, such is the work of spirits on earth as well as here; and we are all trying to do the work of the Father in helping to redeem souls.

You are much better than when you come to your room tonight, and I am so glad of it. Only trust in the Master’s promises and you will not be disappointed.

I heard what he said about your progressing to a condition, even while on earth, that would enable you to enter the celestial spheres when you come over, and I believe it to be true. Now you must try to get this very great development because when you come to me I want you to come to my home to live. Won’t that be joyful! Yes, my dear Ned, I know that you will try, and I will help you so hard to accomplish it and so will all. But your great helper will be the Master, for you will be with him so much, that his love will overshadow you so that your soul will have to develop. So you see how you are blessed in all this. Try to do his work with all your heart and soul, and you will succeed.

Yes I heard, and when the time comes I will be with you to suggest and advise, and you will have a beautiful room for your purpose. And I know that we will have many joyous evenings together. We will bring heaven with us, and you will live in it for minutes at a time. You will then hear our voices in talk and song, feel our presence so palpably that you will know that we are with you. I am so anxious for that time to come, as are all of us.

Yes, we will all try to help you get the home and then you will be fixed for life.

Well, wait until the time comes, and you may change your mind. Of course, I would prefer that you should not, and if your comfort and happiness could be provided for otherwise, I would rather have it as you suggest. But you will have to wait.

Well, sweetheart, you have written much and must stop.

She is well and a little troubled, but it will soon disappear as you will do what the Master said.

So with all my love, and with many hugs and kisses, I am

Your own true and loving,