Helen describes her experience of telling other Spirits to pray for Divine Love.

March 30th, 1915

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

I will not write much tonight as you are tired. So let me tell you of a little incident that happened only yesterday. The spirits that you sent to me came, and I had quite a long talk with them, and told them the way to light and happiness, and tried to impress upon them the necessity of faith and prayer. One said that he did not believe in prayer and if that was the way out of his torments he did not see much hope for him. The other said that he when a child used to pray, but that was so long ago that he had forgotten how, and that he thought it useless to try again. Well I talked to them a while longer, and there came to us a spirit that you had helped some months ago, and who had learned the way and was enjoying comparative happiness because he had followed your advice. He heard what these two spirits said, and at once told them, that a short time ago his condition was worse than theirs and that he had sought your help, and you told him of this wonderful love of the Father, and of prayer and faith, and that he had told you that he did not believe in either God or prayer, but that you became so insistent that you would not let him go until he promised to pray and tried to believe. That you literally tortured him in telling him of this wonderful Love and the only way to it. That he made the promise in order to get away from you, not intending to keep it; but that before you let him go, you told him how much you were interested in him and how much you loved him that his heart melted, and when he left you he determined to keep his promise, and after that, he commenced to pray as you had told him, and that at night you prayed for him, and called him to pray with you, and that as he prayed the light commenced to come to him, and at last some of the wonderful love that you had told him about, came to him, and he found that as this love came into his soul, his sufferings and torture left him, so that now he was a very happy spirit, but still a praying one and a believing one.

When he had finished telling the two spirits of his experience, they commenced to ask him questions, and to think that there might be something or some way to relief, and after a little time commenced to pray, and the spirit who had told them his experience prayed with them; and as they prayed they commenced to feel strange sensations as they said, and after a little while they said they felt better, and believed that there might be something in prayer and faith.

They very soon thereafter left me, but said that they would continue to pray, and asked if I thought that you would pray for them as you did for the other spirit. I told them that you had already prayed for them, and would do so at night before you retired, and they said that they would be with you; and last night as you prayed for them they were there and joined in your prayers. They are now praying continually, and I know that soon they will see the light, and commence to feel their sufferings and torments leaving them.

Oh, my dear, what a blessing it is to help the unfortunate and desponding souls. How you should thank God that he has given you the means to reach the hearts of these unfortunates, and the power to help them. They will always remember you with love and thanks, and you will feel the influence of your kind actions. I must stop. So good-night my own dear and loving Ned.

Your own true and loving,