Helen describes her service in finding Spirit’s soulmates in the Spheres.

January 27th, 1915.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Your own Helen.

Well, I am engaged, as you know, among other things, in finding the spirits’ soulmates and bringing them together. Well, there is a spirit here who believes that the soulmate theory is a false one, and only intended to deceive those who are so very lonely and unhappy, and that a man who has any stamina or any intellect will not be fooled by such ideas as that soulmates exist and are waiting to become one. Well, he was in that condition of loneliness and was very unhappy, although he had very great intellectual acquirements, and prided himself on that fact; and he thought that love and kindred things are for women and foolish men, when he was suddenly visited by a most beautiful spirit and asked if he had yet found his soulmate. He replied that he had not and didn’t want to, unless she should happen to be as beautiful as the spirit who was talking to him; and that if such a thing could be, he would be most happy to find her.

Well, she asked him why he should suppose that his soulmate would be so beautiful, when he was a spirit who was not so very attractive looking, and all crooked, and devoid of anything that would tend to make him appreciate beauty or love in another. He said that he did not consider himself so unattractive as she said, because he was possessed of a knowledge of very many things that the ordinary spirit did not have, and that, consequently, he must be more attractive looking than she described him to be. And as to love, why he could love, he thought, if he could find anyone whom he considered worth being loved. Then she told him that she was his soulmate, but that he could never have her until he acquired more love and larger understanding of spiritual things. That her home was up in the Fifth Sphere, and that he could not go there to live with her until he had gotten sufficient love in his soul to make him fitted to dwell there; and that the longer he delayed trying to get this love the longer he would be separated from her, and would, now that he knew she was his soulmate, be most unhappy. That his intellectual acquirements would not help him very much, and that the only thing that would enable him to progress to where she lived was a development of love in his soul.

He said that he did not know much about love, but that if she would only show him the way to obtain it, he would devote his whole soul and efforts to getting it. She then told him that he must give up the pride which he indulged in and which kept him so encased in himself, and learn to love everybody else in a brotherly way, and God with all his heart and soul. And that when he made that effort, he would find that this love which she, as his soulmate, must have from him, would come to him and he would soon realize that in all the spirit world love is the greatest thing to possess. And that when a spirit has that he needs nothing else to make him happy.

He did not seem to comprehend what she said, but said he would try to let his pride of intellect leave him, and make an effort to let his soul receive this love; that thereafter love should be first and knowledge and everything merely intellectual follow after.

So, you see, a soulmate may be found, but not acquired, until love commensurate with the love possessed by the higher soul is gotten by the lower soul.

No merely intellectual acquirement is sufficient to attract and make one, two soulmates. Only love in perfect harmony can bring about this union. Let love rule and happiness is the lot of all spirits. But, of course, this love is comparative, and so is the ensuing happiness.

Your own true and loving Helen